2021 New USA Normal

My view, having endured 14 months of COVID-19 restrictions while looking at political, medical, business and human behavior data, is that the US will not return to the normal (norm) of pre-COVID-19 behavior.

Nationwide, the public is hearing that we have begun a return to health, along with an era of unprecedented prosperity. However, on commercial news channels we hear contrary to that message. In general, the counterattack is that restarting an economy will be difficult in terms of time and resources. The government does not control the free will of individual citizens, nor does it control the decisions of millions of companies. The economy in the United States today is on life support because several million people who used to have jobs have and continue to live on stimulus payments, a black economy, and multiple “Gig” jobs that mostly pay in cash. Businesses, mostly burdened with debt, are likely to only rehire skilled employees who are essential. What about the rest of the unemployed?

The return to viability of the travel and leisure industry has been hailed as great hope. However, the commercial airlines, cruise ships, and mass gathering entertainment industries have been designated as vector of the pandemic. The commercial airline industry this year has only been able to meet its high debt payments by using the revenue earned on the increase. personal travel in early 2021. No earnings, no dividend payments to investors and a total reliance on government stimulus payments to its inactive workers are details that do not describe a business returning to a “norm.” The 1QCY2021 measurement that I recently read from an airline was that business trip it is still below 80-90% of the pre-Covid norm. Business travel receipts were the essential ingredient in the old norm of commercial airlines.

Historically, on almost any subject, there is no continuous human “norm.” The constant, vast, but small, changes in human behavior go unnoticed. A calamity, like a pandemic, stops the whole process and forces us to adapt to the enemy (a virus). “The enemy has one vote!” In military planning, always, planners must determine all possible actions. of the enemy commander, and the political will of the leadership and people behind that commander.

COVID-19, a micro-virus, opportunistically spreads among us. He has no leadership, political will, or experienced commander. Like water, the virus moves to the lowest (most vulnerable) points (habits) of gravity (human behavior) to become soil for its survival and a host for its expansion, thus limiting us from what we choose to be ours ” normal”. . “

Our free will provides new opportunities for the virus to spread and mutate. It is insane to plan for humanity to revert to “the old norm” while a live, deadly virus does what it has been doing all along. I have read about a claim that mankind eradicated a virus, smallpox, in the 1970s. Even that may be exaggerated because smallpox has appeared and disappeared in earlier human history. AIDS, bubonic plague, syphilis, and thousands of other viruses alive today are controlled primarily by attacking conditions, isolating locations, sharing information, and administering vaccines. All of this is a change in human behavior, not a return to normalcy.

God is not to blame. God put the first man (Adam) in charge of all plants and animals. Today we, as sons and daughters of Adam, are expected to manage the natural world that he gave us. Microscopic organisms like viruses are not mentioned in the Bible, but just as small cells are the building blocks of all living matter, they have surely been with us from the beginning. Would almighty God make a bat’s DNA transfer to human DNA? No. If he wanted to turn us off, he could kick our entire planet into the sun and finish us off. He has always done the opposite. He gives us his grace. He hopes that we will go to him in prayer. It is our free will, our focus on our selfish desires that blinds us to the goodness of God’s grace and justifies our mismanagement of the world He gave us.

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