A Complete Review of the Premonition Movie

Usually when Sheriff Reilly (Marc Macaulay) informs Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) of the death of her husband, Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon), then it would be the end of the story. However, Premonition (2007) is not a typical movie. It’s just the beginning of the movie. She remembers her wedding day as she looks at her wedding photo and falls asleep. Upon awakening from her slumber, she realizes that her husband was having breakfast in the kitchen.

Strange as it may be, I guess a higher being (possibly aliens) took pity on the loss of Linda (Sandra Bullock) and put her in another alternate dimension. The least I could do to keep viewers from feeling a bit lost at the beginning of the Premonition movie is to check the dates. Things get stranger and stranger for her, not to mention viewers when she wakes up from her dream the next day to find her family and relative ready for Jim’s (Julian McMahon) funeral in her living room.

Linda (Sandra Bullock) doesn’t see Jim’s (Julian McMahon) body which is somehow connected to the end of the Premonition movie. The worst part is that her mother, Joanne (Kate Nelligan) blames her for the scars on the face of her eldest daughter, Bridgette Hanson (Courtney Taylor Burness).

The actor of the character of Doctor Norman Roth, Peter Stormare in the film, makes the doctor look like a crazy doctor; scruffy, bully and without the proper appearance of a doctor. The money-seeking, scum-sucking doctor who has no idea of ​​the situation seems more interested in selling powerful prescription drugs and costly ongoing consultations for as long as possible rather than trying to understand her suffering.

Every alternate day, Linda (Sandra Bullock) finds her husband alive and her life becomes normal again for the day in the movie Premonition. It also appears that she is getting a second chance to save her husband’s life. Once she remembers the existence of the Western calendar, her current daily nightmare experiences come into perspective and she realizes that her happy days with her husband are numbered. From Jim’s intimidated look, it’s no surprise to find out that Jim (Julian McMahon) was planning to cheat on her with his assistant manager, Claire (Amber Valetta) from their workplace during the so-called road trip.

As usual, Sandra Bullock successfully carries the movie on her own and in every scene in the movie Premonition. In general, the background music is good. However, there is some background music, especially in the rain scene, which seems too dramatic. He takes his eldest daughter, Bridgette Hanson (Courtney Taylor Burness) running into the glass, which partially justifies the need for musical suspense. For me, music in particular is suitable for scenes like a major earthquake and other major catastrophes. In particular, the Premonition movie can be classified as a family movie because there are no sexually explicit scenes.

So much so, Linda’s husband Jim still dies at the end of the Premonition movie and in some ways it was also partially his fault. The ending makes me wonder if the movie Premonition really makes sense. The movie Premonition appears to be a meaningless merry-go-round about a catastrophic accident involving a middle-income family.

At the end of the movie, Linda is pregnant. She may have known that she might lose him one more time, so at least she has another baby from him. The moral of the story, which is probably the point of the movie Premonition, is that even when given the opportunity, one does not have the power to control one’s own destiny or that of others.

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