Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping is being enjoyed by various people who want a systematic way to study and improve the beekeeping industry. Beekeeping guides are becoming very useful for newbies to this field.

Others may wonder why more and more people are turning to beekeeping. Apart from the fact that beekeepers are trying to learn more about the way of life of bees to improve their crops; some are simply interested in learning about the natural history of bees. People find satisfaction in gaining more and more knowledge about the field in which they participate. Therefore, a beekeeping guide is important for those who want to keep busy like a bee to discover more facts about this insect.

Brief history of beekeeping

It is important to know some background on how beekeeping started. Beekeeping dates back to biblical times. There are even some verses in the Bible that mention honey. Honey is the product of bees; It means that since then, people were already interested in beekeeping. Even the famous Aristotle did some study on the behavior of bees. His important learning is that bees do not jump from flower to flower to get honey; in fact, bees remain constant on a flower until the honey is drained.

Bee colony

It is a known fact that bee colonies have their queen who lays her eggs; then the drones are there to help fertilize the queen bee’s eggs; and the rest are workers. The purpose of the workers is to make sure they have a sufficient supply of food. Bees know which category they belong to, so there is a division of labor between them.

Busy like a worker bee

The information in the beekeeping guide shows that bees are the busiest among the categories of the bee colony. The workers’ approach to bees is also subdivided into different categories. This will make your work easier and more systematized.

1. The builders are in charge of building the honeycomb of their colony. Honeycomb builders use beeswax to create their honeycomb; beeswax comes from the bee’s body. The workers would secrete the beeswax from their body to make their honeycomb.

2. The nurses, some workers would act as nurses for the eggs laid by the queen bee. What they do is visit the cell where the eggs are laid. Nurse bees are young bees because they cannot yet perform other functions.

3. Food collectors are in charge of looking for food. The bees pass the food from one worker to another to make the work more precise. As bees age, their ability to aid in the transmission of food also improves.

4. Guards and thieves are also functions of the bee workers. The guardian bees would ensure the safety of the bee. They are usually posted at the entrance of the hive. Thieves, on the other hand, can be recognized by guardian bees through their behavior while flying and also through their scent.

Bees are very interesting creatures; This is why more people are becoming enthusiastic about bees. The beekeeping guide is very important: know and understand the behavior of this working insect.

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