Building Your Private Counseling Practice: Get noticed online with backlinks

Every month more and more clients go online to find a therapist. In fact, people now go to the web more than the yellow pages for information. This can be looking for a general therapist, or you can look for more information about YOU if you’ve already been referred.

Therefore, it is not only essential to have a website, but it is also important that your site stands out. That means search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) include you in search results, preferably on the first page. But this does not happen by accident. Psychotherapists, counselors, and psychologists must make their presence known on the web to appear in search results. If you are trying to attract new clients to your practice, market your private practice, or create a new private practice, you need to understand the importance of backlinks.

First, what is a backlink? A backlink is another website that provides a link to your site. Basically someone else is listing your web address on their website.

Second, why is this important? The more backlinks you have, the more credibility your website will have. If you have several hundred other websites listing your website, the search engines rank it better. (Yes, there is more complexity to this, but I keep it simple here.)

Third, how do you get backlinks? There are two ways to get backlinks to your site. You can make arrangements with other professionals to provide links to each other’s sites. For example, if you are referring to a psychiatrist, ask him to put a link on his website. The same is true for attorneys, doctors, and other therapists in your network. Offer to provide a link in return, and both of you will get the benefit. This is also an added benefit for your clients, as they can find the resources you recommend in one simple, consolidated location. Therapists can build successful private practices by providing these kinds of additional values ​​to clients.

Once you’ve established those cross-links, it starts to get fun … To continue promoting your private psychotherapy practice, start getting into the conversation on the internet. Look for forums and blogs that allow you to post comments and include your website. In the beginning, post to almost any blog so you can practice it. Make sure your post is interesting and relevant, otherwise the blog owner will probably throw it away.

Use your full name and include a few keywords as part of your name. For example, when I am blogging, I write my name as ‘Jennifer Sneeden, Boca Raton Therapist’. I do this because ‘Boca Raton Therapist’ are the keywords I want to connect with my name.

Look for sites that allow you to include your website address. Therapists can try to include their private practice websites in the body of the post, but it’s best to look for those blogs that allow you to sign in with your name and email address.

That is all. Strive for at least 10-15 backlinks per week and see how quickly you start attracting new clients to your private practice. Do you want to start right now? Take a look at my blog, find an article you like and post a comment:

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