Cleaning glass and hard water stains

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Every home or business owner understands the need for basic maintenance to maintain and protect their investment. It’s also true that many people view window cleaning more as a luxury than a necessity. The simple fact is that the windows in any home or office can only withstand a little neglect before they are no longer cleaned. While professional window cleaning may not be cheap, it makes perfect sense when you understand that your other options are “window restoration jobs” or “replacing” damaged glass that can cost thousands of dollars. Let me explain how this works.

Depending on the state your home or office is in, it will determine how often you should clean your windows. Each state has its own debris and weather that affects windows. I live and work in Santa Cruz CA. which has moderate temperatures but a lot of debris. The most damaging danger of all that exists in almost every state is what is called “hard water stains.” Hard water stains occur when windows are subjected to normal water from a hose, garden sprinklers, or runoff that reaches the glass. This water has mineral deposits that when left to dry on the window, will stain and even etch the glass. Add direct sunlight to this equation and the damage happens faster and faster. A great example of what this looks like would be to consider shower windows or shower doors if they are glass. They start to look foggy, but eventually they won’t clean up without chemicals and an energy absorber. This is called “window restoration work” and can be very expensive. If the windows are etched, they may need to be replaced.

Some tips to help prevent “hard water stains” from damaging your windows would include avoiding watering your windows when watering your plants and flowers outdoors. If you have sprinklers installed, make sure they are positioned so they don’t spray your windows. Windows. And finally, make sure the rain gutters aren’t clogged or leaking, causing water to run down the sides of the house and into the windows. These simple steps are proven to save windows over time. In case hard water stains have already appeared, and hiring a professional window cleaner is not an option, you can purchase a variety of hard water stain removers from any of the major window cleaning supply stores, such as http: / / or

The good news is that all of this can be avoided, and for some, you can start with this very article. Having been a full time professional window cleaner in Santa Cruz CA. Since 1999, I know for a fact that having your windows cleaned even once a year can not only increase the light in your home, lower your heating bill by allowing more heat, but also protect your windows from hard water stains. It’s also true that as your windows are cleaned regularly, even hard water stains from the past will start to break down.

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