Dr. Strange – Marvel Comics Great Mystical – Occult Champion (and more on Strange Tales comics)

“Realms Between – The Interdimensional Exploits of Dr. Stephen Strange”.

A deeper fundamental beginning than previously imagined.

Dr. Strange was always a nice Mystical Super Hero type guy, but Dr. Stephen Strange wasn’t.

Coming from Atlas Comics (Pre-Marvel – post Timely) of the 1950s, Ditko and Kirby’s fantasy series greatly appealed to most of my friends and acquaintances (in my Comic / SF circles) growing up. The natural evolution of this form, Strange Tales, the fantasy comic series, became Strange Tales, the superhero series.

Once Thing and Human Torch took over, it wasn’t long until Dr. Strange turned into a wonderful backup event. (For me the main dish).

But Stan Lee originally called Dr. Strange a master of black magic. Unfortunately, black magic is evil (the consequences for those who practice it are intensely severe ((the evil they do comes back at least 3 times – they can hide but not forever))). Fortunately, Stan changed the nomenclature from Dr. Stephen Strange to The Master of the Mystic Arts.

Stephen Strange was a greedy surgeon who lost the ability to operate on patients after a tragic car accident. Then he sought the help of the Old Man who lived in the Himalayan mountains. Finally he becomes a metaphysical metaphysician.

Dr. Strange’s * occult practice (which means occult knowledge *) leads him on many wonderful and fun adventures.

Without inspiration from Steve Ditko and Gene Colan and others, Strange wouldn’t have been as cool as it was and is. Truly a wonderful creation.

The short television series did not do it justice. (But it was better than nothing, and on some levels it captured a small percentage of the feel of some of the early Dr. Strange comics.

Still, if I had one wish it would be to create a Dr. Strange movie and bring it to life in a combination of animation, special effects, and as a real live-action movie.)

Dr. Strange discovered God in Eternity and merged with him (later, I think the character, Eternity, was demoted).

Dr. Strange only practiced White Magic during the 1960s. In the 1990s he practiced techno magic (whatever that is).

The mystical arts teacher is a great character. Be sure to start with the Ditko version to fully appreciate this amazing character.

Marvel comic book artist Marie Severin says that the Kabala (Kabbalah – Jewish Mystical System) was a source of material for certain issues of Dr. Strange that she worked on.

But what did Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Gene Colan take advantage of? What made Marvel and Dr. Strange so great?

Dr. Strange meditates and sits in the lotus position. (Dr. Strange 3rd series # 49 see cover and many other issues).

Dr. Strange and rock stars often hold hands in the anti-evil eye gesture. In sign language it means: “Love”. (It probably depends on which hand is raised.)

So if you need advice on where to start reading or collecting, please email me. I recommend starting with Strange Tales # 110-146 (most) containing Steve Ditko’s original version of Dr. Strange!


Guru, Teacher, Elder, Union, You, Everyone

Beyond Fanasy and SF:

Note: A Guru is a dispeller of darkness … (If your spirit leader does not dispel darkness, then he or she is not a spirit leader).

One must beware of glorification in the little self (ego, also known as person).

Harvey Kurtzman was a yogi (I think). Yoga means Union.

There are many forms of yoga and meditation.

Meditation means Contact with God in Deep Stillness with focus on the Divine (also known as) “I die daily”.

Side note: There is a psychic and mystical side to unusual performances in sports.

Then of course there is the idea and then there is the practice. Some things cannot be achieved by intellectualizing about them. They must be experienced first-hand.

Emulating the teachings of the great masters is superior to preaching about it, obviously. In this world of maya (illusion) where we live, this is the battle. Do you choose the ego (and the bondage that comes with it) or the spiritualized soul (what you really are)?

The truth will set you free. The spirit is the truth (nothing else is).


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Religion was made by Man for Man.



About the Marvel Comics Strange Tales comics:

This great silver age Marvel title, STRANGE TALES, was very exciting for both the continuity of the story and the use of the artist. Coloring and even placing word balloons is an art! Exceptional inks and pencils. Amazing stories!

Both Dr. Strange (from Ditko or Gene Colan) and Nick Fury (who I especially loved when it was illustrated and written by Kirby, Steranko, and Lee) are among my favorite comics of all time. Surprisingly, this series is still underrated.

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