Garage Rentals on Craigslist: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Them

When it comes to rentals posted on Craigslist, many of us automatically think of home and apartment rentals. Although you will find these, you will also find garage rentals. Renting a garage from a poster on sounds good, but it has its pros and cons. What are they?

The professionals

The options you have. Do a garage rental search on Craigslist or browse the website and you’ll get plenty of deals. There are garages for one, two or even three cars to rent. Your rental options also vary. Some signs advertise long-term rentals, such as car storage for the winter. You can also find daily rentals, which is nice if you need a safe indoor place to do your car repairs.

The garage you never had. Millions of Americans could benefit from having a garage, but they just don’t have access to one. Rentals advertised on Craigslist give you the garage you never had. As stated above, you can store a car or other belongings for the long term or use short-term rentals for car repairs on your own. If you don’t have a covered building on your property, renting may be your only option.

Cheap prices. Many of the people who have garages and other covered buildings that are advertised for rent on Craigslist are homeowners. They are not in the professional rental business, which should translate into cheaper prices. If you are looking for long-term storage, compare your rental costs with a professional storage facility. If you want to do your own car repairs, add your rental costs to your auto parts costs and then compare it to a professional auto repair service. Either way, it should save money.

The cons

There are some risks. As stated above, most of the posters on Craigslist that have a rental garage are homeowners. They are not using it, so they think they could make money from a rental. You likely have a verbal agreement, not a formal contract, as you would with an established warehousing company. If you can’t install your own lock, know that the garage owner can come in and access your items at any time. Although most are honest, the risk is always there.

As you can see, renting a garage posted on Craigslist carries some risks, but there are many more benefits. Whether you need a long-term or short-term rental, find garages, storage buildings, and sheds on with ease. Download Craigslist Software To Search Multiple Cities At Once!

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