How Do CEUs Work For Nurses?

CEUs Work For Nurses

Continuing education units (CEUs) are courses offered to nurses and healthcare professionals. These courses meet the standards for board certification set by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). These courses can help nurses improve their skills and knowledge. Moreover, they help them stay updated in their profession and provide the best possible care for patients. Many nurses, however, find it difficult to fit in all the required CEUs. Luckily, there are a number of ways to fit in these requirements.

Nurses who are interested in furthering their education may earn CEUs by taking college-level courses. To qualify, these courses must be related to nursing and must be offered by an approved CE provider. Most state BONs have guidelines defining which courses do not count as CEs. Some courses are not considered CE credits, including general education and prerequisite courses.

Newly licensed nurses are exempt from CE requirements during their first renewal period, but once they reach their second renewal period, they must meet the requirements set by their state. These requirements vary widely, ranging from no contact hours in some states to forty-five hours in the state of Washington. Additionally, there are different renewal periods for licensure, ranging from annual to triennial.

In addition to taking classes to enhance their skills, nurses can also participate in fun events like webinars, seminars, and cruises. Taking these courses is a great way to network with other nurses and learn about travel Nursing CEUs opportunities. However, it is important to make sure that you choose continuing education activities that are right for you.

How Do CEUs Work For Nurses?

CEU courses can be offered through several formats, including webinars, conferences, and professional literature. CEUs may also be earned by completing a test in the content area. Moreover, the state board may approve professional literature for CEU credit. Further, you must keep track of the number of CEUs you earn every year to keep your license current.

Before you enroll in a CEU course, make sure the course is accredited. Before enrolling in an online course, check with your state board to make sure the course will meet its requirements. The goal of CEUs for nurses is to expand your knowledge and skills and advance your career. The courses must be specific to your field or practice.

Moreover, a nurse must also know which states require them to obtain a license to practice nursing. In some states, this privilege is limited to nurses in a compact state. It is essential to keep the license active in your home state. Otherwise, you will be subject to a suspension or revocation of the license.

One free course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is entitled “Infection Control in Dialysis Facilities.” This course will take an hour to complete, and will provide you with one continuing education unit. The course includes audio and PowerPoint slides. You can watch the course in a new window after clicking the link.

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