How to make a super simple blog

Unique content is essential to the well-being and popularity of any blog. Google sends traffic to websites it deems authoritative, and today that doesn’t include websites that have duplicate content.

Content is still king

Not only the king is happy, so is the queen and all the pawns, and they work together in concert to make a wonderful and enchanting kingdom. Ok, seriously… all types of content you put on your blog, or someone else’s as a guest, need to be considered unique by search engines in order for Google to care about them.

Understand what Google’s job is

Google’s job is not to send you traffic. Google’s only job is to deliver relevant content to its audience. They don’t want to send them to the same article, rotated in various ways until it looks and reads bad. It is your job to send your audience the right information. When you get there, you’ll soon understand that your job is to provide your audience with unique and relevant content so that Google can do its job.

Get variety Focus on formats

There are many forms of content such as videos, articles, blogs, images, etc. Focus on providing a variety of this type of content so that you can repurpose your content without making duplicate or misrepresented blog posts.

Quality and relevance matter too

As you focus on unique content, remember that quality and relevance are important too. When you focus on those things, the uniqueness builds almost automatically.

deliver value

Google wants every web page it sends its audience to to be valuable, if not very valuable. If you can focus on delivering high value to your audience, you’ll be much more likely to gain goodwill from Google.

Provide your unique perspective

Don’t worry if you want to tell the same story that someone else is telling. That’s not the problem. You simply need to add your unique perspective. For example, if you’re buying a PLR on DIY home repairs, add your own images and your own keywords and examples.

Create your own and pay some

Getting enough content in these circumstances can seem like a difficult thing to do. But you can combine content you’ve created with content you’ve purchased, like PLR ​​or ghostwritten content, to make something completely new.

Creating unique content doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is very important, not only because you want search engines to recognize you as authoritative, but also because you want your website visitors to find value in your work.

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