How to make your long distance ex miss you? These tricks will work when distance is an important factor

When you have a long distance ex and you want them to miss you, then you have a big task for you. This is a complicated game and you will have to play very masterfully. Here’s what to do if you want your long-distance ex to miss you.

completely silent
Sometimes being a long distance ex works in your favor. When you want to make your long distance ex miss you, you will have to be completely silent for a while. This silence at first will be a relief to your ex, but then it will make him think about you. You should also take this time to assess why things went wrong and therefore gather material to talk about when you call.

Choose the right time to get back in touch
Once you’re sure your ex has calmed down, it’s the right time to get back in the picture. At first, you should send an email detailing that you have understood the cause of the breakup and would like to put things right. Tell him that being friends is more important than being lovers and that it would mean a lot if you both could talk. Then wait for your reply.

Be a bit objective when getting back in touch
Wait until he/she mails you back. Don’t reply right away, as you don’t want your ex to think that all you’ve been doing is waiting for his email. Be objective. Allow a little time and then mail it. Keep it short and sweet and he/she will want to know more.

Start by raising the white flag
Send him an email explaining why you think your relationship didn’t work out, and thank your ex for helping you see your flaws. Your ex will start to miss you as he will see that you will have worked on the things that caused him to leave you.

Show him you’re moving on
Show your ex that you are moving on and that you are no longer obsessed with him/her. Talk about the fun things she has been doing and the people she has been meeting. But at no point should it sound like she’s trying to make him feel bad. Your ex will start to miss the fun person that you are.

Slowly get a little personal
Little by little he begins to take a little personal things. Follow the dating tips and your ex will start missing you.

rekindle happy memories
Go talk on the phone. Talk about happy and fun things and good times you both had and your ex will miss you dearly.

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