How to stop your dachshund from chasing cats

Dachshunds were bred to hunt and trap badgers, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear of a dachshund chasing cats.

Dachshunds often chase cats, or even any small animals, because they see them as invading their territory. Most dachshunds don’t see the cat as their next meal, just wanting to get them off their turf. Most of the time, the cat runs away, reinforcing the Dachshund’s behavior, meaning it will chase the next intruder it sees.

There are some dachshunds who chase because they want to play, but it is a brave cat that stands his ground against a dog. Cats that stand up and fight are often in great danger, especially against an opponent such as a dachshund, bred to find and kill badgers, creatures far more important than a house cat.

Stop a dachshund chasing cats

It’s important to understand that you will likely never completely stop chasing cats over your dachshund. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant when there are cats in the area and to keep your dachshund on a leash until he is gone.

If you have a cat, you can train your dachshund not to chase it, but it can take time. Start by putting your dachshund on a leash. Take them to the room where the cat is and make them sit. If he tries to chase the cat, say “no” to him and sit him back down. When they are calm, you can move closer to the cat, making your Dachshund sit up again if he lunges towards the cat. The goal is to keep them close enough that your cat and dachshund can find and check on each other. Dachshunds are renowned hunters, so don’t be surprised if it takes several sessions before your dachshund can properly meet your cat without chasing it.

You can also train your Dachshund with the “drop it” command. To do this, have a treat and let your Dachshund smell it. Wrap it up in your hand and tell your dachshund to “put it down.” They’ll likely keep sniffing, that’s fine. Don’t say or do anything, just watch and wait. The moment they look away, give them the award and congratulate them. Repeat the exercise until your dachshund walks away when you say “quit.” Once trained, when you say “quit,” your dachshund should steer clear of your cat.

I can’t stop my dachshund from chasing cats

Unfortunately, there will be Dachshunds whose chasing instinct is so high that they cannot be trained not to chase, especially if your cat is outgoing and likes to tease your Dachshund. In cases like this, the only option you have is to keep the cat and dog separate. This may involve keeping them separated in different areas or training your dachshund while you are away from home.

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