Is it time to learn to trade with E-Minis? Avoid These Life Situations Before You Begin

There is an old army saying: “Being tired, cold and hungry makes us all cowards.” If your desire is to learn to trade e-minis, there are certain moments in your life that are conducive to the learning process. There are also times in your life when any attempt to learn how to trade e-minis can easily result in outright failure. I certainly get more from my share from people than at a time in their lives who generally sabotage a new merchant’s chance of success. To make it simpler; If you are at a time in your life where you absolutely must make money, trading is not the game for you.

Learning to trade in a pressure environment reduces trader stress and should be avoided. This phenomenon is a matter of common sense; Entering a profession with an astronomical failure rate and expecting to excel without any prior training is asking too much. After all, the trader must do very well in a trade in which he has little or no training. The result is a foregone conclusion; failure is imminent. Most of the people I speak to are often in dire straits and see trading as a “Hail Mary” that will miraculously rescue them from financial catastrophe.

As you may have guessed, catastrophe is usually a foregone conclusion.

If you are experiencing any of the following life issues, please do not transact:

You may have lost your job and see trading as a viable way to replace your income. Unless you have saved a considerable amount of cash, you are unlikely to have immediate success and are likely to experience extreme disappointment and disappointment.

You may have been reading some of the unscrupulous websites that promise untold riches, you should ignore these websites. Trading is not and never has been a “get-rich-quick scheme.”

You may only be able to get $ 1,500 as a beginning balance on your futures trading account. While it is mathematically possible to trade this account higher, I have not seen it yet. This would require flawless trading on your part, an untrained trader, to trade smoothly for an extended period of time.

Avoid learning to trade when you have experienced a death in your immediate family, a traumatic car accident or any similar traumatic event, or if you just don’t feel yourself (or “in a bad mood”), it is a good time to avoid trading. . Trading requires 100% of your attention and anything else will undermine your performance.

Finally, any time when you absolutely must make money or fail financially is a great time to seek a 9-5 job and correct your financial situation before your situation becomes even more precarious.

In short, learn to trade from a position of strength, not from a position of weakness. People who see trading as a way to straighten their sinking ship should find an alternative way to straighten the ship and learn to trade from a position of strength.

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