Jobs Not Invented Yet – How Quickly Will You Lose Your Skills?

During my working life I have needed to be aware of the changing skill requirements of the computer industry. The skills I use today have little or nothing in common with the skills I used when I started in the industry in 1974.

Like every year, 2007 saw many new products available to the computer user. Of course, we only tend to spend time learning the products that we KNOW that I already have a need use. Sometimes a new product or a new version of a product appears that, in due course, will render your current skills obsolete. These will have a tendency to include features and methods that we haven’t seen before, as opposed to just another way of doing the same things.

For example, how many new server administration tools are available to manage remote websites now? I have no idea, but not too long ago Managing a remote server / website was a job for experts in this field. Now more and more people have a website of their own, and there are many more TOOLS to help, so that most people who are willing to spend a little time learning, can manage it themselves. Not long ago, this job had not yet been invented. Already if your work is in this field, it will inevitably disable relatively to the “normal” computer user.

2007 saw the rapid adoption of Windows Vista – many new skills are required here for functions and methods that we have not seen before. – a lot of ‘new things’ we can do, a lot of new technical problems to be aware of, a lot of new skills are required. A Milestone product – New jobs will inevitably be invented / evolved as a result.

Once a job has been invented / evolved, how quickly you disable may have little to do with how long you spend keeping those skills up-to-date (although you surely will if you don’t!). It will have more to do with how quickly the average computer user will possess those skills on their own, or will have access to ‘tools’ that can help you get the job done yourself. Anyway, you have no control over it.

So if you don’t want to wake up one morning to find yourself disqualified relative to everyone else, invest your time wisely – be one of the first to be highly rated on new Milestone products.

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