Learn How To Install Built-In Bedroom Wardrobes In Johannesburg

It doesn’t matter if the bedroom space is big or small, clutter is a major problem that everyone faces. Sometimes it is impossible to fit and store everything in the already installed closet, and whatever way the space is arranged it seems to be less. So, this is when a built-in closet comes in handy to have a little extra space to keep clothes and other things in a very organized way without clutter or fuss.

Built-in wardrobe

Fixed height cabinets are long gone as people now want to use every nook and corner of their rooms wisely. Fixed-height cabinets can’t be customized, but built-in cabinets can, and this is why people love them. You can simply install a built-in closet in any way you want, with as many shelves and spaces depending on the need and requirement. You can choose a design and features according to the decoration of the rooms and the available space and also according to what is going to be stored in the closet.

How to install a built-in wardrobe?

Although the process of building and installing a built-in wardrobe may take a few days, with patience, the end result can be fantastic. The following steps will help one to install and design a custom built-in closet for the bedroom space to be used:

  1. Design: Design a useful and appropriate wardrobe that fits into the space under discussion. Also, keep in mind the requirements and all the things that need to be included there. Make sure shelves are roomy and boxes are not narrow. Proper layout and layout will make later steps easier.
  2. Boxes: A wardrobe is nothing more than a structural integration of several boxes together, which are stacked and placed with a front frame. Therefore, the main task is to build the boxes of varied dimensions according to the design.
  3. Install the boxes: the next step is to install the boxes one on top of the other or in the way the layout is designed. This particular step can be a bit difficult, so it requires a lot of patience and the proper setup procedure.
  4. Face framing: To give the wardrobe the right look and hide the rough edges it is necessary to build a front frame. A front frame will be made of the same material as the boxes and therefore it is necessary to use the appropriate size and dimensions.
  5. Doors: The second last step of the building is to make a door, however, you can also opt for open wardrobes if you do not plan to store expensive clothes and shoes. Make smaller panels and then join them together to make the door. Using the same size panel can cause warping and over time the door will not close properly.
  6. Paint it: Finally, once the entire construction process is finished, paint the closet with the right color for all the decoration in the room.

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