Mario Brothers at the Winter Olympics

After the great success of Mario & Sonic at the 2007 Olympics, Mario & Sonic will soon be released at the Winter Olympics.

Since then, the gaming market has become more saturated. So, in a smart move from Sega, they’ve made this new game compatible with the Nintendo Wii balance board, a small device that came with the launch of the Wii Fit series of titles.

So, along with the balance board, it turns a game that was strictly for couch surfers into a strenuous workout in itself. So if you are using the Luge game, it transforms from a strictly visual game to one that mimics all the movements of a sled downhill, while lying on your back. Very cool!

Snowboarding gets you off your butt. You are standing on top of the balance board as the game interprets your body weight shift as you dodge and work your way through turns on the snow field. For hardliners used to these kinds of controls, this is second nature.

The potential to make exercise fun for couch surfers is what makes this the real draw. The pressure sensitive balance board has been adopted by more than 20 million people around the world. And it grows. For software developers like Sega, this is a huge market waiting to be exploited.

For players who have a little weight around their stomach, a fun game like this can be an ideal way to lose weight. Especially for someone who is easily bored by traditional exercise. So with the arrival of Christmas and long winter nights and plenty of weight-gaining snacks, a game like this can help you keep your weight in check and maybe help you lose weight. So by next summer you will look edgy, slim and fabulous, without ever leaving your own living room.

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