Medical summaries in brief

The medical summary, also known as a medical chronology and medical synopsis, is a document that consists of the events that have taken place in the treatment of a patient. Summarizing medical records is a very important part of personal injury, mass tort, nursing home abuse, long-term care, medical malpractice, and related cases.

The summaries are of two types:

Complete medical summary

In a comprehensive medical summary, the physician reviews the entire set of medical records and captures the events that are relevant to the case, including the important points related to the case. It is captured chronologically with linked bat numbers for easy reference to relevant records. Relevant data is not lost in this summary, so the reviewer gets a complete summary that is required for the case.

Narrative summary

The narrative summary is usually done before accepting a case. Provides a fair understanding of whether the case is worth fighting for or not. This summary is the essence of all medical records, summarized in a page or two, so the reviewer does not have to spend too much time analyzing the value of a case.

This summary may not be captured chronologically or good enough to understand the timeline of events. However, you can reference the logs, so you know where it came from.

At GRACIOUS, we have experienced physicians who review medical records and prepare summaries, so what you get is a physician-reviewed and summarized medical summary. Since he / she understands the nature of a business, you can be sure that you will get the most accurate, easy to understand and concise medical summary. We also have the ability to summarize medical records based on their format, so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to review or understand summaries. Most abstracts have a large volume of handwritten notes, which are generally ignored due to lack of medical knowledge. At GRACIOUS, since the doctors review the records, most of the handwritten notes are decrypted, so we don’t lose any important relevant information.

At GRACIOUS, your team of physicians and paramedics are well trained to review medical records and prepare medical timeline and medical summaries in your preferred format. While reviewing the records, we primarily work on the focus of the case, producing and highlighting important information related to the case. In some important cases, depending on your needs, we also offer a narrative summary along with a medical summary to facilitate your reference.

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