Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2010

Drake – Thanks later

Drake, one of the hottest new MCs, has stunned fans and haters alike by rising so quickly in the game and becoming one of the most talked about new rappers since 50 Cent or Kanye West. Drake made a name for himself as an actor on the hit Canadian teen show “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but was able to enter the world of music thanks to his great talent and a little help with a co-signing of Lil ‘Wayne. After Lil ‘Wayne began taking the young man on tour, Drake exploded, with his mixtape “So Far Gone” setting records as one of the most critically acclaimed mixtapes in years. Look for “Thank Me Later” as one of the most controversial and talked-about albums in recent years, when it comes out in early 2010.

Nicki Minaj – TBA

This young and up-and-coming MC has been making waves on the hip hop scene with her unique style that mixes Asian fashion with Gaga’s modern weirdness in what she calls “Harajuku Barbie.” A mix of African, Trinidadian, and Indo-Asian roots herself, Minaj has amassed a following of young girls who see in her a strong new female role model and guys who are in awe of her looks and microphone skills. With her hype, she’s set to release her debut album in early or mid-2010. Expect it to be one of the biggest fashion records of the year if Minaj can connect with the right producers and get some great guest spots, which should not be a problem.

Gucci Mane – The State vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal

Everyone knows the story of how Gucci Mane was released from jail on an assault charge in 2006, but returned to jail in 2008 for violating probation and failing to complete required community service hours. He was released at 6 months and immediately went to work, recording an enormous amount of work, enough, he says, for more than one album. His second album saw the light of day just before he returned to jail for parole violation and Gucci says it was just the first in a trilogy, with the second release “The Appeal” coming out in early 2010, composed for clues that he recorded before his last stint in jail. If it’s as good as the first, it should be one of the most anticipated albums of 2010.

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