Property management simplified

A fast, simple and effective way for homeowners to manage their property portfolio with minimal hassle.

Owning or managing a property can be a daunting task. There is usually an endless list of jobs that need to be done, whether you are managing a single property or a vast portfolio. There are several property care apps for homeowners offered by property management groups to help homeowners manage their property and keep everything running smoothly, taking the stress out of daily tasks.


Downloading the app gives you a simple and efficient way to manage your properties. It has a smart design and easy-to-use features that have been developed by application development experts to meet your specific requirements. With its key features, you can take digital control of all tasks with the swipe of your finger.


  • Tenant management

  • Monthly rent payments

  • Service Management

  • Rent review

  • Property inspection reports

  • Annual safety tests

  • Lease management

  • Print annual / monthly taxable finances.


When it comes to managing rent due and tenants, the app couldn’t make it simpler if you tried! Go to the subsection you need, click on the icon and you can immediately add new tenants, storing your personal information, that is, phone number and address, as well as your move-in date and contract end. As for the rental, you just have to select the property in your portfolio, specify the date, the rental rate and the commission of the real estate agents and you will be ordered. This saves a lot of time and productivity in the long run, which means you are not chasing late payments or tenant details.


Everyone knows that trying to stay on top of annual tax returns can be a nightmare, but this is just another reason why this app is extremely beneficial. It allows you to keep your own accounting on the go, recording all your income and expenses, when and where necessary, to keep control of your accounts. In the long run, this will be more beneficial to your accountant or even to yourself if you organize your own accounting. Moving forward, this means you can review monthly and annual reports with the touch of a finger, as well as keep track of your taxes, making it easy to access your year-end reporting report and print for your benefits.

The same format is used when recording expenses, again these are saved in one place, and you can easily enter property expenses through your individual property details and record important expenses such as interest-only mortgage, home mortgage. capital, repairs, insurance, cleaning, agents involved, etc.


An added benefit is that you will have a dedicated support team that is committed to helping you with any technical and non-technical help you may need. This gives you assurance and confidence that your portfolio details are in the right hands and that all information is considered confidential, which you will only have access to and none of which will be shared with other property managers.

In conclusion, the Landlord Property Care app is truly a sensational and digitally advanced way to manage all your business related requirements from your phone, and is considered to be the way to go in advancing property management.

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