Pros and cons of suspended ceilings

If you’ve found your way to this article, you’ve probably already given some thought to installing a suspended ceiling in your home, workplace, or elsewhere. Suspended ceilings can be great, however they are not for all applications. I will go over some of its pros and cons.


Fire safety. There are roof panels made of fire resistant materials that meet various fire standards set by city councils, commercial organizations, and other regulations that you can use on your roof.

Modification. It is very easy to change tiles in a false ceiling system, so whether for repair or just a change of scenery, a change can be made in no time.

Maintenance. In addition to the easy maintenance of the roof, the maintenance of the building is also done without obstacles with a suspended ceiling. The wires, cables, pipes and plumbing are all hidden by a suspended ceiling that allows easy access.

Appearance. The variety of suspended ceiling tiles that are available gives you almost limitless options in appearance, so there is sure to be a tile to suit your room and taste.


Reduced headroom. This is the most obvious disadvantage of a suspended ceiling, however it is not one that causes many people such a big problem. Suspended or generally reduces headroom by 4-8 inches, so for rooms that already have low headroom, you may want to consider one of the other options.

Cover the damage. The ease and price of installing a false ceiling can appeal to homeowners looking for a cheap and easy way to cover ceiling damage. Therefore, it is imperative that the prospective buyer / renter take a look to see what is behind the roof.

Aging. Without proper maintenance, suspended ceilings can start to show signs of aging quite quickly. Sagging of tiles is not uncommon and tiles can be easily damaged with the slightest blow, they are also discolored by excessive smoke. Because they can be removed and reinstalled quite easily, many have been. It’s time off the roof that can really take its toll on the roof, as the tiles are tampered with and knocked over, increasing their aging.

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