Remodeling to Feel Younger – Aged Home Design On-Site

Have you heard of the design of aged houses in the place? It is a new trend for seniors and seniors who dream of living independently in their own family home as they age, surrounded by many rich and fulfilling memories that they have long cherished. When I recently started a new business focused on home modifications for the elderly and disabled in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I was very pleased to find that the National Association of Home Builders was offering the courses I needed to earn my Certified Aging Specialist In Place (CAPS). ) certification right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to complete all three courses in February of this year, thanks to the Home Builders Association of Greater Atlanta. Many topics were discussed, including how to conduct on-site home aging assessments.

The NAHB Certified Aging-In-Place program instructs individuals in business management, the handicap accessibility aspects of architectural design, and the customer service procedures required to perform full-service design and installation modifications to homes. There are three categories of aging in place. The first group is made up of people over the age of 50 who are healthy, but who are wisely striving to remodel their homes as they age. The second group are people with progressive illnesses or disabilities who need to modify their homes to accommodate the growing needs for greater accessibility. The last group of elderly people on the scene are people who have had an accident and require immediate modification in their homes, when they return from rehab or hospital. On-site aging specialists are trained to serve each of these three groups; skillfully serving the elderly and disabled as they seek to continue to live independently in homes they have long cherished.

Home evaluations are professionally performed by certified on-site aging specialists. Home modifications are determined by assessing the needs of the disabled resident and comparing the needs to the Atlanta home spaces.

Who wants to get out of that comfortable abode where the sweet thoughts of days spent with children or a loving spouse fill their thoughts? The in-home aging specialists know how to make your home fit like a glove for life! Be sure to consult with a certified aging specialist on site before embarking on any remodeling plan.

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