Simple method to prevent your dog from begging for food

If you really want to prevent your dog from begging for food, you will have to learn to refrain from giving in to his begging whenever food is around.

It is not a secret why a dog begs, well, it is because he would like to eat as soon as he has food anywhere near you or as soon as he goes to the kitchen.

Begging is not disrespectful or strange to your puppy; it’s instinctive, so it takes a lot of consistency to reverse that behavior if we’ve been reinforcing it.

This begging “attitude” began long ago with the descendants of the dog. Over time, this became instinctive for wolves that were passed on to dogs through their DNA.

Our dogs are hardwired to look for opportunities to get food from us and since they are observant they quickly understand that begging pays off when we respond to all these signs that they have gained dominance so well over time.

It is one of the most common complaints from pet owners, yet there is hope. You can keep your dog away from his food while he dines, you just have to be persistent.

– How can I prevent my dog ​​from begging?

The first step in teaching your dog not to beg is to make a promise to yourself that it is to stop submitting. Every time you offer your puppy a treat from the table, you are teaching him that begging is a winning action. It may not work all the time, but our dogs have excellent memories; they will keep trying if they realized it worked anytime before

Dogs beg more when we look at them; they know it works. Those big puppy dog ​​eyes and all that whining works great on all of us.

If you want your dog to stop begging, you need to make sure you don’t give him mixed signals. It is not reasonable to expect good behavior from our puppies if we are not consistent ourselves.

Training ourselves to be consistent is usually the most challenging part, the rest is relatively simple. Here are 3 methods that will definitely help you prevent your dog from begging.

Pay no attention to your dog’s begging

Don’t look at your puppy while he begs. Just ignore him.

Whenever your dog begins his routine of asking for food, you shouldn’t pay attention to the disruptive behavior. If you receive a comment from him only once, you realize that your time and efforts could pay off the next time.

If you look into those big eyes when he’s begging, you can feel bad for him and offer him a bite. Almost any attention you give him when he is begging can make him believe that you are close to giving him some food, since he has done the job so well before.

They will most likely complain and resist if they are a prolific beggar, however you will have to learn not to pay attention to them. Your pet dog should eventually realize that “hey, I think that’s not going to do the job anymore.”

Don’t associate food with love. Certainly, your puppy is not starving. You nourish it very well every morning and afternoon. More than 50% of American dogs are generally too heavy, your puppy does not need to have extras. If you still feel bad, be aware that he is manipulating you.

Domestic dogs have evolved to have those big sad eyes and floppy ears simply for that reason, to maneuver you to take care of them. They have developed more puppy-like characteristics and tend to share many attributes of wolf pups rather than adult wolves.

2- Limit your dog from the dinner table

One of the easiest solutions to prevent begging is to prevent the behavior from the start. You can do this by separating your dog from the table.

You can train your dog to lie away from where they are eating, or you can use a baby gate to hold them in a different area. If your dog is already a beggar, keep in mind that his behavior will most likely be quite resistant for a while before he improves, but the consistency will eventually pay off.

Have your dog lie down on your bed or in the specific space you have chosen for him, congratulate him as soon as he goes to bed, and give him some treats in this spot. Depending on your stay command, you may need to work on this for some time before you continually stay in your new spot.

After you have eaten, visit him and congratulate him, give him treats. Let him know that the behavior of constantly sitting while family members eat is what will generate the most desired compensation.

If you don’t think your puppy is going to be able to stay for a period of time or you don’t have a decent dwell command mastered, you may prefer to separate it with a barricade like a baby gate, a very common option. .

3- Redirect your focus while eating

Give your dog something else to focus on while eating. If you don’t want your dog to be completely separated from you while eating, you can redirect his attention to some snacks, toys, or treats of his own. Offer him one of their popular bully sticks or jam some peanut butter inside a Kong.

Ignore him if he gets up from his gift to beg. You will most likely do this for a while if you are used to begging. As long as you don’t give up and feed him off the table, he will eventually understand that his begging skills will no longer pay off.

If you are consistent and decide to persevere, begging could be considerably quick and easy to handle. It just takes determination and consistency. You need the whole family engaged; If any member is not going to play along and give up, you will definitely not be successful.

You just can’t give up, regardless of how adorable he really is or what sounds your pup makes, that will get you back where you started.

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