Tips for Moving House – What’s Your Job Description?

This is a typical scenario. You decide to become a real estate investor, specifically a home flipper. You read a few books, you learn all about the steps a pinball should take, and then you start, systematically, tackling those tasks one by one.

This is an ambitious plan and anyone should be commended for trying it. Making money as an investor is not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of patience and discipline. However, it does not require you to do all the jobs and tasks that need to be done. Trying to do it all, just to save a few dollars is “silly and a pound.” You see, you need to spend your time doing what you do best. You need to do the things that will help your business grow. You shouldn’t be on the street hammering “For Sale” signs.

This is a mistake that most novice investors make. They think they need to do everything. They have trouble letting go of even the most mundane tasks. This is a big mistake and it will cost you dearly in lost income.

You need to know the steps involved in your business. You can also argue that you have to do everything at least once, just to feel it. But on an ongoing basis, you need to outsource as much as you can. Your focus should be on finding the next property and marketing the ones you already have. Everything else can and should be outsourced. This only makes sense, it is the only way to grow your business.

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