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Almost any meat cured with salt, fish sauce, and other spices is a typical Filipino favorite, so it’s not puzzling that Top it is also often considered a gastronomic delight. Satisfies the Pinoy taste for tasty foods, which is why it quickly became a popular viand since its debut here in the Philippines. When served with fried egg, fried rice, and pickled papaya strips, it seems impossible to resist. Add a warm cup of coffee and you have the ideal Filipino breakfast in front of you. But besides being delicious, do you know more about it?

Here are 4 facts about Top:

  1. The Filipino tapa is not actually related to the Spanish tapa, which should be consumed as a snack or appetizer. In Philippines, top A breakfast fare is known that is very easy to prepare.
  2. The origins of the tapa are not very clear, although it is believed that Filipinos began to marinate beef in soy sauce after Chinese traders introduced us to the seasoning. The word tapa is said to have had origins in Sanskrit. It may have been derived from the Sanskrit word “tapas” meaning “heat,” which is a reference to how pre-Hispanic Filipinos dried meat under the heat of the sun to preserve it.
  3. In Philippines, It is believed that it was in the city of Marikina that the cap first became popular. According to foodies, as well as reports from locals in Marikina, it was Tapsi Ni Vivian, a small restaurant located in Barangay San Roque where Filipinos first experienced Pinoy exploited flavor. The store is established as the sole property of Mrs. Vivian del Rosario under the name Tapsi Ni Vivian in Bulaluhan. Since its operation in 1986, it was successfully sponsored by locals and has expanded from a turo-turo to a much fancier restaurant with several branches in the city and one in Metro Manila.
  4. Top it can be made with fish meat. Although it is often made with beef, lamb, or venison, there are tapas lovers who prefer top made of fish. Since fish meat is said to have more health benefits, other people have come up with a plan to use it as a substitute.

Now that the 4 facts about the tapa are no longer a mystery, why not start getting a slice of the tasty Filipino favorite? We assure you that this meat has a unique flavor.

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