Vaginal heat and its relationship with sexual pleasure in men

One of the first things a man notices about the vaginal entry of his penis into the vagina is the sensation of warmth. A scorching heat that the penis feels as if it has just entered a fiery furnace. What does this have to do with the dynamics of the sexual act?

Most people are taught that there are only five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. This is a bit secondary in his teachings, as there are many more senses besides these basic five. The list is quite long, and more senses are being discovered as we begin to better understand how the body actually works. For example, here are some senses that most people never realize exist: temperature, two-point discrimination, stretch, pain, etc.

The ancient Hindu belief says that: “The vulva is an altar and the pubic hairs are the flames on the altar.” The vulva is defined as the genitalia of a woman. The “flames” are an external representation of what is inside the vulva: Fire.

Now let’s go back to the different senses that the human body is capable of interpreting: one of them is temperature, whether it is hot or cold. Since the penis hangs outside the body, its temperature is less than the average body temperature. Since the vagina is inside the body, its temperature is higher than that of the penis.

When the penis enters the vagina, it suddenly finds itself in an environment that is much hotter than the environment the penis is used to. This activates the temperature and pleasure receptors in the penis. Which means that the penis can sense, neurologically, the change in temperature when entering the vagina. These nerve temperature receptors are also pleasure receptors and men will feel immediate pleasure when their penis enters the vagina.

Why is the sensation of heat so evident and wonderful during the sexual act? Heat is a naturally based sedative that gives the person the sensation of having a calming effect. In other words, it relieves anxiety, stress, and helps calm a person down. Although we all want to be active and dynamic during the sexual process, this extra measure of vaginal warmth makes us feel instantly safe, relaxed and carefree; even though we are experiencing the highly arousal state of having sex.

Why does this “hot” feeling feel so good? Good question. It may have relevance in taking the man back to the time when he was in his mother’s womb, when he was safe, warm and protected. Possibly the sexual act of coitus (for the male) allows him to revisit his embryonic state. A period of his life when he was hot, he had no debts or bills, he didn’t worry about food or shelter or trying to make a living; and he was cared for and cared for by someone (indirectly) who loved him. He imagines the penis, entering the warmth of the vagina, is the same as the baby being warmed by the womb. But life must go on… So, as the infant continues to grow and mature, the infant will inevitably outgrow the womb; being born, and being introduced and forced into an environment for which he is barely prepared; since it is very different from the warmth and comfort of his previous home (the warm, comfortable, safe and loving womb of his mother).

Man is born from his mother’s womb. Coming out of this womb, he spends much of his life trying to re-enter a similar womb through his penis. Is it possible for him to get the same “maternal” love through his penis in later years through the sexual act? It’s a question worth pondering, since Mother Nature is mysterious in her own way.

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