Weight Loss: Three Tips for Success with Eat Stop Eat

Weight loss is a real challenge for many people. If you find you’re losing weight and gaining it back quickly, you’re a yo-yo dieter and you could be messing with your metabolism. The Eat Step Eat intermittent fasting program can help.

Let’s look at three tips for success with the program.

1. Use a weight loss journal to track changes in your life

Are you using a weight loss journal? If you’re not, start wearing one today. You can keep your journal in a paper notebook or on your computer. Keep track of what you eat and drink, and also your mood.

Tracking your mood is essential; it can show that you are a comfort eater. Once you know that you reach for food when you’re stressed, you can develop strategies to deal with it.

Your diary is especially helpful with the Eat Stop Eat program. Weigh yourself once a week and write it down in your diary. If you exercise, you may gain a little weight, but don’t worry: muscle weighs more than fat. When you track your weight, you’ll soon see that even if you gain a couple of pounds in a week, you’ll lose them in a couple of weeks when your metabolism picks up.

2. Drink green tea on your fasting days

Green tea is great for your health and also helps with weight loss because it helps suppress your appetite.

Generally, on your fast days, you will find that you have few hunger pangs. However, you may feel a bit nervous about eating, and drinking green tea will help with that.

3. Plan your fasting days: stay busy

Here’s a great strategy for your fast days: get busy. Be sure to fast on a weekday and use the extra boost of energy fasting gives you to catch up on work.

Yo-yo dieters are finding great success with the Eat Stop Eat program. It may also help you lose weight, even if you’ve tried many diets before.

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