What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Many people are interested in the healthy benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV is vinegar made from cider or apple must. Unpasteurized or organic ACV contains “The Mother” of vinegar, which is what you want to look for. The sediments of “La Madre” are strands of proteins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria. We recommend Bragg Organic ACV with The ‘Mother’. Here are some of the main health benefits of stroke:

ACV helps kill many types of bacteria. It is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and kills 98% of all germs. It has even been shown to kill cancer cells in recent studies.

At the same time that it kills bacteria as it moves through the body, it also promotes weight loss by making you feel full. It is even used to help the body shed more fat and give a person’s metabolism the boost it needs.

Added to this boost, it will detoxify the body. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in its raw form. Raw ACV is what is recommended for all detox and cleanse. “La Madre” is the sediment that remains from the fermentation process and the flesh of apples. This is why it is so effective in detoxifying your body.

It also lowers blood sugar levels and helps fight diabetes. Certain diabetes medications are designed to block the digestion of sugars and starches. By blocking the digestion of these compounds, medications can effectively prevent blood sugar spikes and therefore can help regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

The ACV may have the capacity of some medications. It contains acetic acid that inhibits the activity of various digestive enzymes, such as amylase, sucrose, maltase, and lactase. As a result, when vinegar is present in the intestines, some sugars and starches pass temporarily undigested, so they have less of an impact on blood sugar.

ACV helps lower your blood pressure and reduces your risk of heart disease. When you use it for a high blood pressure remedy, you are most likely giving your entire body a boost, not just treating your blood pressure issues. It helps improve circulation and reduce pressure against arterial walls by breaking down fat and phlegm deposits in the body. ACV releases free radicals that wreak havoc on your body on a daily basis.

There are many ways you can add ACV to your diet. It is recommended to drink a small amount diluted with water before each meal, 3 times a day. 1-2 teaspoons, depending on what you can handle, mixed with raw local lemon and / or honey helps with the flavor. Or you can add 1-2 tablespoons to equal parts of water mixed with lemon and raw honey once a day. Some studies show that it also helps if a diabetic takes it before bed. You can also add it to your salad, raw vegetables, or any meal instead of drinking. ACV is acidic, so don’t forget to take care of your teeth! Rinse or brush after taking the ACV to help protect your enamel.

Although there are many positive benefits, there can also be some negative side effects. Before starting an ACV diet, consult your doctor and understand what ACV is.

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