What is political science?

“Political science” is generally defined as the study of governments, political processes, and political behavior. It is a branch of the social sciences where the study mainly revolves around analyzing, describing and predicting political behavior along with political systems. In fact, it is best described as a science that revolves more around subjective clarification than hard data. It is a science that helps a person understand the relationships between other individuals, groups, and the state, along with the working procedure of modern government.

Political science as a discipline is relatively new, and in recent years it has gained enough recognition among young students in the United States. It mainly includes various subfields such as political system philosophy and theory, political economy, policy studies, international relations, and a collection of other related fields. The main goal of political science is to help a student pursue a career in politics and to provide him with a proper knowledge of political procedure that could be helpful.

Students pursuing careers in this branch of the social sciences are generally called political scientists and can lead to exciting careers in federal, state, and local governments; law; business; international organizations and electoral politics.

His job responsibilities revolve mainly around the analysis of different areas of political behavior, including public administration, public opinion, taxation and voting. Apart from this, they generally conduct research on different public issues and political relations and resources. These investigation procedures can be both within a single country and internationally. However, the investigation and analysis process frequently includes court decisions, public opinion, and decision-making. In addition to this, they also recommend solutions and sometimes conduct research to make better decisions on issues that generally affect citizens, companies and the environment.

Job prospects

The job outlook for this domain actually seems to be very inspiring. In fact, according to the latest study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for political scientists are projected to increase even further in the coming years. According to some experts, general employment is also projected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations.

Salary outlook and other benefits

The average income of political scientists depends entirely on their education, experience and geographical position of the organization. The starting salary range for an average political scientist about $ 27,000. However, with experience and greater educational success, income can grow even higher to $ 65,000 or more. On top of this, any graduate with a bachelor’s degree in political science can enjoy a decent earning and can earn nearly $ 2,500 more per year than the average person who only has a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, bachelor’s degree holders can also enter the workforce as paralegals or administrative assistants. Furthermore, political scientists employed by colleges and universities even have enough opportunities to increase their income by teaching summer school courses, writing books, or doing consulting work. They can even enjoy various benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, paid holidays and vacations, etc. depending on their positions.

Educational qualification required

So by now, if you are hoping to pursue a career in political science or want to grow as a political scientist, you must have an advanced doctorate in political science. If you get a doctorate in political science, you can work as professors in colleges and universities. Most often, these positions often lead to important service in schools, communities, and the nation. Apart from these, there are also bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in political science. While postgraduate degrees in political science are respected by all job sectors, master’s degrees are highly regarded by public and private agencies and a growing number of numerous non-profit associations.

Today it is definitely one of the few career options that can bring you long-term job growth and significant rewards.

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