What is the source of happiness?

How many times in our daily life do we meet people who are simply unhappy? Life can throw so many curveballs our way that happiness sometimes seems like an elusive concept, left only to those who “have it all.” Hello, I am Steve Beaman and welcome to the Spiritual Path.

I have had the good fortune in my life to live in many different circumstances. After college, I faced financial success, followed by financial failure, only to rebuild and find success, only to suffer a severe setback. I have had the blessing of marriage and the wonder of children, only to receive the divorce and separation of those children. So, from Buicks to Rolls Royce, from singleness to a large family, and vice versa, I have spent more time than most pondering the question of “what is the source of happiness.” I realize this question is too broad to answer in a single SBG Cast, as volumes of books have been written about it. But can we sum it up so quickly and with a concise message that offers the keys to unlocking happiness in our lives?

Pastor Rick Warren wrote in his book Purpose Driven Life that it is PURPOSE in our lives that leads to happiness. I think it’s true, but it’s only part of it. In my life, the reality is that yes, purpose is one of the keys to unlocking happiness, since in fact we are happiest when we are on a mission in which we believe. But forgiveness and gratitude are also key in the sense that we cannot be truly happy when we harbor ill will towards others, or even towards ourselves, or when we forget to be grateful for what we have and instead focus. our energy in what we do not have. have. Furthermore, the concept of security plays strongly with the notion of happiness. Yes, here I am referring to basic security, but also to something bigger. I am more and more convinced as I get older that we as people grapple intensely with the question “what is this all about?” “It is this?” This is a stream of thought that has been circling this earth for a long time. The Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes deals with the vanity of life and how all our efforts are in vain. We grow up, we educate ourselves, we strive to provide a livelihood for ourselves and our families and we raise children to grow up, we educate themselves and we strive to provide a livelihood for their families, just to raise the children to grow up, we educate and live to provide a livelihood for their families. You get the picture. It is a cycle that we have been in for thousands of years.

The question of “is this?” it is largely the reason that religious views are so popular. They seek to answer the “why” question. That is why we have added the Spiritual Path to the Steve Beaman Group. True happiness, I don’t think, can be found without spiritual understanding.

Now, with that said, I have made it clear that my source of eternal security is found in the cross. The reasons are plentiful and the older I get, the more I find that there is historical accuracy in Scripture. But in addition to the eternal salvation found in the Messiah, the Scriptures also teach us to be thankful for what we have been given, and to view our lives as stewards of our resources, rather than owners, and to find purpose in serving. to the higher purposes of God. I found that when my focus is indeed on God and his purposes, and I am living as a steward, not as the owner of everything I have, my content and my happiness abound. But when, on the other hand, I live in a world consumed by property and focus on my own problems, I find that I am not happy, but rather, frankly, I am on a slippery slope towards misery.

So for me, on my spiritual path, the source of happiness is as simple as living according to the Scriptures that God has gifted us. A focus on eternal salvation, a focus on stewardship, and a focus on thankfulness! Of course, there is more, and this relates directly to the emotional path and our ability to forgive others and ourselves, but it is a good starting point. If you find yourself in a less than happy place today, think about your relationship with God and His Son. Maybe, just maybe, by working to fulfill His purposes instead of yours, you too will find fulfillment and happiness!

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