Which of your favorite celebrities have fairy tattoos?

Many of the most famous actors, actresses, singers and band members of famous bands sport tattoos and get many different types of tattoos in different designs on various parts of their bodies and these include fairy tattoos for some of them. Most of the famous men who get tattoos often get designs that are quite masculine or have certain meanings behind them. For example, tattoos worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams include cross tattoos that symbolize their faith. Other celebrities make the big mistake of tattooing certain parts of their bodies with the names of their current partners who would later become their former partners. On the list of celebrities who did this is Angelina Jolie, who had Billy-Bob Thornton’s name tattooed on her upper arm and Johnny Depp’s infamous “Winona Forever” tattoo. Both tattoos were removed or edited after the split.

One of the rather rare tattoos celebrities seem to wear is a fairy tattoo and to date only a couple of celebrities are known to sport these mythical little creatures on one part of their body. Are here

some of the celebrities who have fairy tattoos on their bodies:

– Britney Spears: Probably one of the most famous celebrity fairy tattoos, this little tattoo of a fairy in yellow with pink and purple wings is found on the singer’s lower back. This is just one of nine tattoos that he has or had had on his body.

– Amber Tamblyn: This actress is another one of those celebrities with fairy tattoos and she has a little pixie or fairy on her right shin to prove it. The fairy pictured on her leg is an adult fairy with long blonde hair who is wearing a green dress and has purple wings.

– Christina Ricci – “Wednesday Adams” is also another actress who has a fairy tattoo on her and has one on her right wrist. This is just one of the many tattoos the character actress has on her person.

– Alyssa Milano – this “enchanted” is also one of the few celebrities who sport fairy tattoos on one part of her body. This television witch has several tattoos on her body including an angel engraved on her calf, a Sanskrit symbol on the back of her neck, and the fairy tattoo found below her belly button.

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