Why is a website so important to your business?

So you’ve opened a new business or have been in business for a while and are wondering if it’s worth investing in a website or a new website. Do I really need a website for my business to be successful? There are more important things to invest the little money I have right now to keep my business going.

These are all important thoughts and questions that every business owner will have and in this article I will answer those questions and give 5 solid reasons why your business really needs a website.


I’m sure you are like most people when it comes to finding something you need. What do most people do? They go online. Whenever we need something, whether we are in a new city or at home, we search the internet for the things we need and if your business is not online with a reliable professional website, these people will find your competitors.


Touching on the #1 reason a bit if your business is not online or even if you are but you don’t have a credible professional website, your customers won’t find you and they will pass you on to your competitor who has a strong sales targeting website. Whatever niche you are in, on Google there are thousands of GEO-targeted searches for your business niche every month. If only 100 of them generated sales, how much revenue did your company lose because your competitors were better equipped to attract? those sales.

3. YOU ARE OPEN 24/7

With a brick and mortar business, it is open from 8 to 12 hours a day. Did you know that most people search the web at night when most businesses are closed? But if you have a website, your customers can still learn about your products and services, even sell if you have an online store while dining, sleeping or on vacation. Your business continues to operate 24/7, increasing your leads and sales without you even realizing it.


Having a website can make running your business much easier and more effective. For example A simple FAQ page can answer popular questions about your products or services, saving you time and hassle. If your business requires forms or information that your customers need, you can direct them to download them from your website.

You also get interactive feedback from customers and prospects through forms, surveys, and questionnaires. This gives you valuable market research that adds value to your customers and increases your customer satisfaction, which in turn increases sales.


As we have already established, people search for your products and services online. If you have a PROFESSIONAL website, not only will they find you, but a professionally built website (not a freebie, although even a freebie is better than nothing) will say, “I’m here, I’m a professional, I’m here for the long haul.” and I want to make a good deal” This immediately puts a potential client at ease and they begin to trust you rather than not having a website or a poorly built one. This can put them off, as they may realize very little money and effort was invested and say, “I don’t care about quality, I might be gone tomorrow, I don’t care who finds me, or worse, I’m not.” legitimate”. “. To understand this, just think about the last time you visited an unknown website to make a purchase. It can be a very scary process, and you most likely won’t continue if the website looks bad.

Those are five reasons why your business needs a website. There are many more important reasons and benefits to having a website, but to keep this article short and sweet, I have chosen just these five.

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