How we teach our puppy to go to the bathroom

Some people have a hard time potty training their puppies, so this article will tell you how we train our pup in a week. Potty training your puppy doesn’t have to be a strenuous task.

When my family had a puppy, I was afraid to try to potty train him. In the past, I always had a hard time potty training puppies and usually gave up on being turned into outside dogs or finding a new home for them. This time, he was determined to get the job done.

My first tip for new puppy owners is to get a crate that they can keep in their home. We put a nice and cozy bed in the cage of our puppies, and he has never been afraid of his cage or wanted to enter it. If we took our puppy out at night, he would often come into the house and go straight into the cage, thinking it was bedtime. Try not to use the cage as punishment, or you won’t want to be in it.

For the first few weeks you have your new puppy, keep him in the crate overnight. This may sound cruel, but it teaches the puppy that this is where he will sleep and learn to control his bladder. Our pup messed up his crate by himself the first night and then decided he didn’t want to do that in his bedroom. Be aware that most puppies will have a difficult time adjusting to the crate for the first two nights, especially if they were allowed to roam freely with their previous owners.

The step in potty training your puppy is to take him outside every hour or so. Taking them out every hour is very, very important. If you see your puppy snooping around your house, take him out again. Better safe than sorry. When you take your puppy outside, take him to the same general area. Bringing them to the same general area will make lawn maintenance easier, and most dogs like to use the same area for their business.

If your puppy has an accident around the house, stick his nose through him, not inside, and say “No, that’s a bad boy / girl”, and then take him directly outside. Pointing at things and counting them seems to work better than losing your temper and yelling at them. I also suggest that when you go to the bathroom outside, congratulate them on a job well done. You may even want to give your dog puppy treats every now and then as a reward.

In conclusion, this technique may not work for everyone, but it worked for us and it worked fast. My grandfather is the one who told me how he trained his puppy, so we tried it and it worked. I thought about sharing this information with you, because I was so disoriented for so long. I hope this technique works for you and your family as it did for me and mine.

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