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Play free online Run Jim Run. Run Jim Run is about a game; yes, you guessed it right, Jim. Jim is trying to escape from the local mob. Why is Jim running from the mob? remains an unanswered question. Run Jim Run’s story is simple, but incomplete. Run Jim Run is straightforward and simple; you have to jump, climb ropes, cables, run away from the mob’s henchmen, even shoot a couple of times. The graphics of Run Jim Run, although they are very simple, the game does not bore you and has a lot to offer, in terms of gameplay. You’ll be hooked on this game in no time. Dangerous Dave fans will definitely find a connection between the two. The controls are pretty straightforward and easy to learn. In Run Jim Run you end up moving around a lot, which usually involves stunts, on par with the level. Run Jim Run is generally a pleasant experience, check out this game; It’s worth a play or two.

Take a look at Street Life. Street life sports an amazing piece of art for an adventure game that is small. As the name suggests, you live off the streets, wander into dark alleys and clubs, kill sleeping thugs, and even steal their money. Life on the street, it has a cute entertainment value, it will definitely keep you glued to the mouse for a long time. Life on the street has good sound effects. There is a lot to do and the game sticks to its name and genre. The plot is believable. The game is fluid, with responsive options or options, offered for you to choose from. In general, street life offers a wild nightlife experience and has a value for time, written all over it. Warning: life on the street has some explicit content.

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