Macallan 60 Year Old Red Collection Gold

60 Year Old Red Collection Gold

In October 2020, the Macallan will release its 60 year old Red Collection, a new offering from the Scottish whisky distillery. It is part of a collection that includes 40, 50, 71, 74 and 78 year old expressions. These are the oldest Macallans ever produced. The name of the collection, which is derived from Alexander Reid, means “the red one.” In the late 1970s, the distillery celebrated each vintage with a red ribbon. This is a nod to Allan Shiach, the legendary bottling master who marked vintages with red ribbons. Kirsteen Campbell, the woman behind the brand, is the person responsible for developing this line of Macallan whiskies.

The Macallan 60 year Old Red Collection celebrates the rich range of reds in the brand and pays tribute to its rich history. Alexander Reid founded The Macallan in 1824. His Scottish surname, Reid, means “the red one”. His distinctive red hair and ruddy complexion helped to earn him the nickname “The Red”.

This limited edition collection features six highly aged expressions of Macallan. These include the 40 Year Old, the 50 Year Old, and the 60 Year Old. Each bottle is accompanied by a unique label by Spanish artist Javi Anarez. There are only two sets of these special releases available in the world.

Macallan 60 Year Old Red Collection Gold

The Macallan 60 Year Old is the oldest and most expensive Macallan ever released. It was produced in cask #263 with an estimated price of PS200,000 ($259,000). The cask’s cask and decanter were handcrafted by Irish artist Michael Dillon.

The Macallan Red Collection offers a curated selection of rare single malt scotch whiskies from the oldest oak casks in the world. As a result, these bottles frequently fetch high prices at auction. Some even surpass their predicted bidding price. The Red Collection is a fantastic opportunity for whisky connoisseurs! The brand is a world-renowned whisky producer.

The Macallan Red Collection contains six highly aged Macallan whiskies. It features two of the company’s oldest whiskies, the 74 Year Old and the 78 Year Old. In addition, the bottles in this collection have exclusive labels by Spanish artist Javi Anarez. It is available in limited quantities and is priced at more than $3,000 per bottle.

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