My Favorite Government Secrets Auction

I love bargains. And there is no better place to find bargains than at auction. Y

There are no better auctions than government surplus auctions. My favorite

The government surplus auction takes place the third week of September each year in the

County park. I won’t tell you which county park as this is my best kept secret! Even

Although the auction is advertised in local newspapers (as required by my law), usually

find the same 20-30 people hanging around, looking at all the batches. And many of

I know they are not the highest bidders!

This annual auction is the countywide surplus auction. You will find everything and

anything here since the county has several and departments. They have the typical

office equipment and furniture, cars, trucks, legal equipment, etc. But something else

unusual things that have been auctioned have been things like a street sign

manufacturer (for making stop signs and the like), a row of metal lockers (from the old

county pool), playground equipment, 5,000 plastic cafeteria trays (sold for $ 8!),

a stainless steel chef’s cart, a chrome torpedo trash can, and a

dump truck that cost several hundred dollars.

As I have been attending for many years, I know what to expect and I know how

a lot to pay. For example, they usually have a dozen retro office chairs that they sell

very good on ebay. The opening bid for the chairs is usually $ 5.00 each. However, for

without bidding, I can usually wait (and luckily no one else knows what gold mine

these chairs are … they just look like dirty old chairs!), and the auctioneer will come down

the opening offer at $ 3.00, then $ 2.00, then $ 1.00, then fifty cents! Still I’m patient

And wait while you drop two or three more chairs for fifty cents! My last trip to

auction, I won seven chairs for $ 4.00! I turned around and sold them for $ 25.00


This is just one of the examples of the deals I have found in County

Auction. The secret of my success is threefold:

1. I know what’s “hot” on the market by browsing eBay, watching HGTV, and

flipping through home magazines.

2. I know what the current retail prices are and take them into account when I am

offers. I usually come to the auction early with a notebook and go through all the

lots to be auctioned. I write down the lot numbers and the highest price I have

willing to pay for that lot.

3. When the bidding starts, I wait for someone else to start the bidding. I place

myself to be able to “read” how much they want the article. I will wait to make my offer. I

never get caught up in the bidding. And I always bow to my high price that I

I wrote in my notebook. This way I can avoid buyer’s regret!

Using these tactics, I have successfully won many items at the local auction and

They have made great profits by reselling these items. By using these techniques, you can

also be successful at your local auction. I just hope you never find my gem of a

auction, and never bid against me!

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