Pregnancy Exercise DVDs: Top 3 Pregnancy Exercise DVDs

Do you want to shed those extra pounds during pregnancy? The best methods to combat those pounds are the daily use of a pregnancy exercise DVD. There are tons of these types of DVDs on the market today, and selecting the perfect one can be difficult. So below, I’ll reveal the top three pregnancy exercise DVDs and shed some light on their fitness programs. If that sounds like something you are interested in, read on!

A great pregnancy exercise DVD is “Complete Fitness During Pregnancy with Erin O’Brien.” This exercise DVD has tons of authentic elements, and it is really practical and effective. Erin O’Brien is not annoying and cheerful, but real and down to earth. There is very little additional dialogue! She imparts just the right amount of knowledge and adds a few extras on physiology and anatomy. Actually, the workout is best suited for a person who has done a few classes before and has at least a mediocre level of fitness.

Basically beginners can watch it a couple of times before trying it if it seems too fast for them. She throws in mods for times when the heart rate is extremely high, which is good. The training is complete, especially since it is a time frame of only 40 minutes. This includes a short post-stretch session, which will help you feel pretty good. The production value is excellent! The camera view changes and fades, making it easy to mimic your body mechanics. All the accessories he used were standard furniture.

Also, one of the most intense pregnancy exercise DVDs is “Prenatal Conditioning” with Teddi Bryant. My wife has been training with Teddi every week for over two years, this exercise DVD is as effective as Teddi teaching her in his own home. Faster exercise is great for times when you want to add something to your day. The tutorial is extremely helpful, it allows you to understand what movements to expect in the exercise as well, the other women involved in the training make it seem doable. All women, regardless of stage of life or pregnancy, can benefit from this DVD.

Tracy Anderson’s “Post-Pregnancy Training DVD” is the last but not least DVD on the list. Tracy Anderson is taking the world by storm with her game-changing exercise program. Their DVDs are delightfully created, the setting is elegant, the music on this DVD is classical and complements the exercise mood very well. Tracy’s demeanor is encouraging and pleasant, she reveals the mechanics of each movement quite well, but she doesn’t talk much.

The workout itself lasts approximately forty-five minutes and is made up of a short warm-up, a lot of abs work, some side-lying abs work, some leg and glute lifting and tightening, and then two sets of arm exercises, no weights and one with light weights, and then finish with a cool down and stretch. The training is definitely a challenge, even for a more experienced student, but not overwhelmingly difficult.

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