Renting a Student House in Nottingham

Renting a Student House

Nottingham is home to two universities and a thriving student community. The city is famous for its role in the Robin Hood legend and has a number of sandstone caves to explore. There is also a great selection of restaurants, bars and shops in the city centre. Students who are looking for a student house in Nottingham can find a variety of apartments to rent that are near the university and within easy reach of the city centre. These are typically studio type apartments that are designed for a single student and tend to be cheaper than those with more rooms.

Most private landlords and letting agencies ask for a UK-based guarantor to be provided by students who want to rent Nottingham student accommodation. The guarantor is responsible for paying the rent if the student fails to pay the rental agreement. This is why it is important to find out whether your guarantor is willing to take on this responsibility before you sign anything.

The easiest way to find a guarantor is to ask a parent, family member or close friend who lives in the UK. However, this option might not be suitable if you are an international student as you may not have anyone in the UK who can act as your guarantor.

Renting a Student House in Nottingham

If you are an international student and can’t provide a UK-based guarantor, you can apply to Your Guarantor. This company will check your credit history and work with your landlord to secure your accommodation. In addition to acting as your guarantor, Your Guarantor will also pay any associated application fees. You can apply for Your Guarantor by clicking on the link below and completing an online form.

Once you have been accepted for a guarantor, your application will be processed by Your Guarantor and you will receive an email confirming this. Your Guarantor will then contact your landlord on your behalf to verify that you are a student and to make arrangements for you to pay your rent.

Moreover, student accommodation facilities often offer academic support services, such as study spaces, tutoring, and access to resources like libraries or computer labs. These amenities contribute to a conducive learning environment, enabling students to excel academically and achieve their goals.

Once you have been approved by Your Guarantor, the cost of your guarantor will be charged to your account. Your guarantor will be asked to sign a legally binding contract, agreeing to pay your rent if you fail to meet your tenancy obligations and to accept liability for any damage caused to the property. This is a legal contract that must be signed by both you and your guarantor before you can move into your Nottingham student accommodation. It is important that you understand the full terms and conditions of your guarantor agreement and that you and your guarantor read through the document carefully before signing it. It is also a good idea to get a solicitor or notary to witness your signature. This will help you to prove that you are the person who signed the document and not someone else. This will be helpful if you ever need to use the document in the future.

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