The importance of good lighting in the kitchen

Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in many homes, good kitchen lighting is important to your overall design and feel.

The practice of implementing good lighting design is a popular and profitable project that many homeowners choose to undertake to give their kitchens an additional personal touch and stand out from the crowd.

There are several places, many of which some don’t even consider, to add lighting. Ever thought about kitchen cabinet lighting or kitchen lighting over the sink? These are just two places additional lighting should go to accentuate your appliances and other kitchen accessories.

Through the right design decisions, you can enhance the look of your kitchen and create a positive environment that you, your family, and guests will greatly appreciate.

However, to do that, it is important to know what the different types of kitchen lighting are and how they are typically implemented in a kitchen design.

The four types of lighting to consider before starting a kitchen remodel project are task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting, and accent lighting. Each of these types of lighting has a different purpose than the others, so becoming familiar with each would be to your advantage while you are in the planning stages of your project.

Ambient lighting is often the most common type of lighting. Its low intensity creates a soft glow that makes it safe to work in most kitchen areas. Many people associate ambient lighting with creating the atmosphere in a room, not just in kitchens, but also in places like restaurants and bars. The right amount of ambient light can make a room cozy and homey.

Work lighting is a type of kitchen lighting that provides a higher intensity glow. This is why task lighting is often limited to places like the sink and cabinets, where being able to see is important. To get the most out of this type of lighting, consider placing it not only above the sink, but also above other heavy-duty kitchen items such as cutting boards and stoves.

Accent lighting is designed to show off. If you have an expensive new refrigerator or other item in your kitchen, like rare tableware that you want people to notice, this is the kind of lighting to use for that. It doesn’t make your kitchen work areas more functional places, but its aesthetic value has made it popular with homeowners doing kitchen renovations.

Lastly, there is the decorative lighting. This type of kitchen lighting allows you to make the space truly yours. Whatever the design of the lights, it is important to remember the old adage “less is more” with decorative lighting. Going overboard with decorative lighting can create an eye-catching, eye-catching look, while a minimalist approach can bring understated refinement to the room.

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