Zoning in St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Many people are confused about the zoning requirements in St Croix. If you are interested in a development in St Croix, I can provide detailed information on construction and zoning.

Most residential communities are zoned R-1 or R-2, which governs the building setback requirements and stipulates the minimum lot size and percentage of coverage. There can be no more than two-story structure on R-1 or R-2 grounds. The setback requirements are 15 feet from the front, sides, and rear on R-1 ground, and 15 feet to the front, 10 feet to the sides, and rear for R-2. There may be two housing units on R-1 or R-2 land.

The minimum lot area on R-1 land is 1/2 acre; is 10,000 sq. foot on ground R-2. When the land is in a neighborhood or subdivision that has covenants and restrictions, they “trump” the zoning requirements. For example, in some neighborhoods, the minimum setback area is set at 20 feet. So regardless of R-1 or R-2 zoning, it cannot be built within twenty feet of the property boundary.

The R-3 lot is primarily for condominiums and multi-family structures, with 80 residential structures per acre allowed. 30% of the lot can be covered and the structure can be up to six stories high. There are no setback requirements and usable open space must be at least 35%. The minimum lot area is 6000 square feet. foot

There are several other zoning districts, each with different requirements and different permitted uses. All of our MLS listings contain the zoning of the property in question. I have a little “cheat sheet” for zoning requirements that I am happy to email.

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