6 Features to Consider When Choosing Your Cabinet Hardware

During a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you have many decisions to make. Don’t let the decision-making process of selecting knobs and handles for your doors and drawers keep you from moving forward.

Selecting the best hardware for your cabinets is one way to express your personal style and taste. Whether you choose beautiful ornate handles and knobs, or a sleek and simple design, your cabinets are instantly transformed by the type of hardware you choose.

Looking for cabinet hardware? 6 features to consider before buying

With so many great options available on the market, how do you choose the types of knobs, handles, or drawer pulls you want for your home? Here are 6 things to consider when buying cabinet hardware:

1. Price: The price of cabinet hardware varies widely and depends on many different factors, including design, quality, and materials. Finding out how many pulls and knobs you need, setting a budget, and looking for options within your price range is a great way to start identifying your options.

two. StyleWhile deciding on the budget may be the first step in the process, you can’t forget about the overall style and look you’re looking for with the hardware you choose. Selecting your options based on the complementary styles of your cabinets and flooring will help eliminate unappealing pieces. With so many unique options to choose from, style has become a defining factor in the kitchen hardware industry.

3. Material: Cabinet hardware is made from a wide variety of materials. This includes stainless steel, pewter, porcelain, brass, glass, stone, wood, bronze, crystal, copper, and marble. Make sure you choose a high-quality material that looks great with your cabinets and also offers the right look and function that you want.

Four. Shape: Whether you like square, rounded, oblong, rectangular, or some other funky shape, cabinet hardware comes in many different shapes. Before deciding on the first option you like, explore different ways to find the right hardware for your cabinets. And be sure to test the function as well. You don’t have to compromise on ease of use to achieve an original look.

5. Durability: When you invest in new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, you expect them to last a long time. Likewise, you want the hardware you choose to be just as durable and long-lasting. Investing up-front in kitchen hardware that you really love will be an investment that pays off time and time again.

6. Installation: One last item to pay attention to when selecting your enclosure hardware is installation. Before making a purchase, make sure that the selected parts actually fit your cabinets and that installation requires minimal effort. You don’t want your remodel to depend on this one problem.

Buying hardware for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a lot of fun. Being aware of some of the factors that go into making a great decision will make your overall experience more positive. While cabinet hardware may seem like a small decision for a large kitchen or bathroom remodel, it definitely helps to understand your options. And for expert help and a beautiful selection of the best kitchen knobs, handles and pulls, visit our store in Louisville, Kentucky. Call 502-241-9969 for more information.

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