Characteristics of a Toy Poodle

All varieties of poodles are basically the same and that includes the Toy Poodle. They have the same normal traits, such as their gentle and sweet nature, as well as their loyalty to their owners. They are intelligent, they do not lose their hair, they are elegant and obedient, and they are very perceptive. They are third in line after the standard and miniature poodle.

The Teacup Poodle is the only poodle that is smaller than the Toy Poodle. A Toy Poodle can weigh ten pounds at full maturity and the Standard Poodle weighs between twenty and thirty pounds at full maturity. While the Teacup Poodle usually weighs no more than four pounds. The Toy Poodle is popular because it is not as dainty as the Teacup Poodle, but is still quite small and cuddly.

A toy poodle does not shed hair. Most dog lovers will tell you that a non-shedding dog is a very nice dog to have around. However, all poodles need a lot of grooming to keep them tangle free. The Toy Poodle will make a great family pet because he is great with children.

Toy poodles are quite expensive dogs. They are so popular now that a Toy Poodle puppy can cost anywhere from eight hundred to a thousand dollars. These dogs are usually kept in designer cages and can be seen on television quite often. They are available in many colors and first originated in France. They are pampered little dogs and can be found at many dinners and lunches sitting next to their owners.

Its roots go back centuries, when poodles entertained in circuses across Europe. So it was quite permissible to have a poodle at court sitting with the king or queen. These royal families would pamper their poodles in extravagant ways. This was actually the beginning of the spoiled poodle personality trait. Toy poodles evolved having the same traits. Toy Poodles are very cute and cuddly and make great first pet dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal dogs and make excellent companions for children and adults.

The Toy Poodle is a small but very strong and strong dog. They will always want to sit on your lap and sleep in bed with you. Due to the size of him, it is difficult to refuse his requests for petting. These dogs are very healthy dogs and any breeder trying to tell you otherwise should report it to the American Kennel Club.

When deciding to buy a Toy Poodle, it’s a good idea to read up on the subject of poodles first. You will need to ask the breeder specific questions and you should know if he gives you the right answers. A person who has no questions for the breeder will generally not be sold a dog. Breeders are very careful who they sell their Toy Poodles to. Because these dogs are small, they use up their energy pretty quickly. They will need small meals throughout the day to keep their energy up.

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