Colonix Side Effects

Colonix is ​​a commercially available herbal colon cleanser. It is a product of Dr Natura and has been ranked as the best colon cleansing product by various surveys. It is a fiber-based supplement with a blend of 40 different natural herbs, each playing a different role in your colon cleansing program. Colonix works in three coordinated processes that work in harmony with each other. These are the intestinal cleanser, the parasite cleanser, and the Kleri tea. The main goal is to cleanse and detoxify the colon and maintain a bowel movement at least 3 times a day. The main component of Colonix is ​​psyllium husk.

It is an intestinal cleanser and works as a bulking agent but shows addictive characteristics. Other ingredients are senna, mint, fennel seed, papaya, alfalfa, aloe vera, flax seed, and licorice root, among others. Psyllium husk is a fiber, and it acts on the phenomenon of water absorption and swelling within the colon, thus producing mucilage. This mucilage has adhesive characteristics and adheres to the toxic matter in the colon. This can cause severe abdominal pain as there are contractions in the body that cleanse the colon. It can be very painful for the person using the colonix as it creates restlessness and discourages the person from doing normal routine work.

There are several side effects of colonix, as it is not recommended to take its main component, psyllium husk, if the patient is suffering from diverticulosis. It is also advisable not to take more than two tablespoons of psyllium in a day. According to various reviews, Colonix users have reported constant or chronic headaches. Psyllium also has a tendency to lower the body’s blood sugar levels and may have adverse effects in patients with diabetes. Other than this, various side effects associated with colonix based on usage by various users are bloating, constipation, weight gain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, discomfort during contractions, development of allergies, and rashes.

Few people have become more constipated after using colonix due to inadequate water supply to the body. Water is a very important solvent and should be taken as much as possible. Each and every colon cleansing product has side effects and after effects. Side effects can have an irreversible negative effect on health. Therefore, the selection of the product for you should be made after a comparative study and under the guidance of an expert dietitian.

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