Designer Bags – What makes Prada bags a fashion must-have?

Finding the right bag can be wonderful or frustrating like examining a box of chocolates. You can’t just select one based solely on outward appearances. Finding joy in shopping requires a short checklist of decision-making criteria, but it can be fun and a great experience if you start in the right frame of mind. When it comes to designer bags, many people think that an expensive bag is just like any other expensive bag. But, on the contrary, my beautiful friend. No two chocolates are the same and neither are luxury items by far. From exotic to classic, high fashion to everyday practicality, special occasion to casual evening out, the reasons and styles of designer bags vary as much as the content inside.

One of my favorite lines is the iconic Prada bag collection. From handbags to totes, shoulder bags to hobo bags, clutch bags, sash bags and more, Prada bags have delivered the classic, simple elegance that is true to Italian style. When selecting your latest style and statement addition, a few things should be considered before the hunt.

What is the end use?

Is this bag for a special occasion, event or reason or are you just in the mood for the latest and greatest Prada bags? Either way, once you’ve determined the cause of the shopping extravagance, you now need to consider size.

Size – How much do you need to take with you?

If size wasn’t determined by usage, you need to determine how big or small you’ll need a bag for your must-haves. We all know that for weddings and special occasions where the dress is the focal point, you don’t want to dominate your formal wear with a bag that is too prominent, either in size or color. If this isn’t for a special occasion, but more of an everyday bag, then move on to your everyday valuables. If you’re the type of girl who tags her entire makeup collection wherever she goes, then you’ll want to forego the clutch style and opt for a Hobo or shoulder bag that provides ample space for all your beauty needs. I myself tend to be a bit of a minimalist when it comes to wearables, but I love making a statement with accessories. This is where I find my connection to Prada bags. Since they are always at the forefront of fashion, I know that with the simple addition of my Prada Glace Bowler bag, I can wear almost anything on my body and still look glamorous and convey a sense of style, class, and of course, luxury. Prada is known for its simple elegance. Dating back to the company’s origins in 1913, where it began as a small luxury goods and accessories store, the Prada name became a fashion must-have in the mid-1980s and has maintained its simplistic yet highly desirable charm throughout the years. Once a Prada girl, always a Prada girl.

Price – Are you on a budget or are you not concerned with price?

Even designer handbags like Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Fendi can range in price. He can always score big savings if he’s not too concerned that the latest seasons’ fashions are part of his latest addition. Also, there are many great deals to be found online, but be careful as not all merchants sell authentic products. This brings us to our next consideration.

Authenticity: Know the telltale signs and stick with trusted merchants

Check to see that the merchant has a strong return policy, look up reviews from previous buyers, and do your homework. If it seems too good to be true, it is. In fashion like anything else, I stick to my rule of thumb that you get what you pay for. If it was a stolen deal… it very well could have been in more ways than one. When it comes to shelling out your hard-earned money, you want to make sure you A) don’t pay more than you owe, but B) don’t pay for something that isn’t worth its value. Pay attention to details. Your bag should have the same quality on the inside as on the outside. If the outer material looks acceptable for the real thing, but the inner material looks less than perfect, you have a knockoff. Check that the hardware looks as high-quality as the rest of the bag. If it looks less cheap, doesn’t work properly, smells bad, or isn’t lined up correctly, it’s most likely a fake. Another telltale sign is the seam. Crooked, loose, or bad stitching means it’s not the real deal.

Style – Sense and Sensitivity

Now that you’ve gone over some of the basics, you’re on your way to hunting, exploring, and having an adventure. Finding the designer bag that best suits your personality, style, and expression can be one of the most rewarding hobbies. When you find the bag, it’s like no other feeling, except, of course, when you sink your teeth into the right mouthful of chocolate in a box full of surprises, mediocre selections, and a few wrong mixes. But when you get the one…it’s a little piece of heaven. So ladies, I have provided some useful tips for those who are new to the designer handbag scene. I’m going to take my collection of designer bags and my box of chocolates and have a little mini celebration of two of life’s greatest joys…chocolate and Prada bags.

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