Exploring US History Curriculum Package

US History Curriculum Package

If you are looking for a us history homeschool curriculum high school, there are many options available to you. Some use a unit study approach while others are more structured with related activities and tests. Some are literature-based while others have a focus on history along with other subjects such as music, art, science, and geography. Some of these resources are secular and some are Christian-based.

Exploring US History by Notgrass provides a full-year course for grades 9-12. It uses a textbook with a teacher’s manual and student workbook. The textbook has many full-color photographs of archival images, artifacts, and buildings. It also contains timelines, section and chapter reviews, and maps of the world. The student workbook has writing assignments, primary source information, reading selections, and essay questions.

This unit study approach to US History is written from a Christian young earth perspective and emphasizes the biblical hand in human events. It helps children see how God’s plan has played out throughout history. Its readable, conversational style makes the material enjoyable for parents and students. Lesson topics range from Creation to the Civil War and the abolition of slavery.

It covers the history of the US and the rest of the world in a chronological fashion from ancient times to modern day. It also includes a section on globalization and its effects. The workbook includes map exercises, vocabulary words, a timeline, essay and writing assignments, and review questions and quizzes. This resource is a great choice for families who want to combine World History and American Literature into one year course.

Exploring US History Curriculum Package

A popular resource for studying US history is Khan Academy. This website offers thousands of articles and resources on various time periods, topics, and places. It is easy to find articles via century, theme, or interactive timeline. It is also possible to download videos and primary source documents. A free account is required to access the content.

Other homeschool resources include Beautiful Feet Books, Jim Hodges audio books, and The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. These read-aloud series help students connect to the sweep of history as it unfolded in Africa, China, Europe, and the Americas. Beautiful Feet Books is a unique option that integrates history with literature for grades K-12. Using literary works to explore historical themes deepens learning and analytical skills.

Other resources for studying US history include The Mystery of History by Notgrass, World History and Cultures by Susan Wise Bauer, The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic by Guerber, and 200 Questions American History (by Ray Notgrass). These resource provide students with an opportunity to earn English or American History credits.

Beautiful Feet Books uses living books to form the backbone of its US history curriculum for children ages 4-8. Its story format helps children to connect with history by associating abstract concepts like explorers and revolutionaries with real people and places. This approach is flexible enough to allow for rabbit trails if students show interest in a particular topic. Its comprehensive scope and sequence allows for coverage of US history from colonization through the Civil War. The curriculum is available in print and online.

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