How to deal with excessive back sweating: simple and easy tips to cover up and reduce sweating

No one likes to be the sweaty one in a group where everyone else seems perfectly dry. It’s embarrassing to worry about sweat stains and body odor. It is even worse when you have excessive sweating on your back without knowing if it is showing to others or not.

There are techniques to help deal with back sweating. Some of these mask sweating, while others try to reduce overall sweating so you can feel more comfortable.

Get breathable clothing. Clothing can sometimes cause or worsen the situation. Find clothing that is breathable and reduces sweat. Lighter clothing tends to feel cooler but shows more sweat, while darker clothing is warmer but can mask sweat. You may want to look for synthetic baselayers made for runners, as these are designed to wick sweat and dry faster.

Use antiperspirant on your back. The antiperspirant can be used on other parts of the body. Same concepts for your back sweating problem. The only problem with this is that it is more difficult to apply alone.

Get a beaded seat cover in your car. One of the main sources of sweat stains on the back occurs when you are driving your vehicle. The beaded seat cover, while not as comfortable, does let your back get a little more air and helps reduce sweat stains. It is a good technique to avoid appearing already sweaty.

Try body powders for drying skin. Body powders are made for hands, underarms, and feet to dry up sweat. These can also be worn on the back to help prevent sweating.

Use natural solutions to control sweat like vinegar or limes. One technique for sweat is to apply limes or use vinegar, usually malt or white, to the problem area when it is completely dry. Then let the limes or vinegar dry completely. It is best to do this in the evening before going to bed, as they can stain clothes.

Reduce general body sweating. There are a variety of factors that lead the body to sweat. By sweating, your problem area like your back will show more. Reducing overall body sweat will keep your back much drier. Things like drinking plenty of water, eating a healthier diet, and exercise really help make the body more efficient at cooling itself and regulating body temperature. You will also reduce the body mass that excessively heats the body.

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