Live as God sees me

How would you answer this question: What did Jesus do for you on the cross at Golgotha? Most people say that He died for his sins or that he was punished for the sin they had committed.

Those answers are correct, but Jesus actually accomplished much more on the cross than simply dying for our sins. He came to sanctify those of us who had adopted him as our Savior.

Wow, it sounds pretty hectic to think that we have now become saints.

Another way to say it would be to say that holy means to be clean and dedicated to God. But also, to be set apart only for God.

It’s hard for me to see myself like this.

But when I look at Jesus, that is exactly what I see. Jesus was the perfect example of holiness. He had no sin. He did things exactly the way God wanted. He was even prepared to walk the extremely hard Via Dolorosa.

He was certainly set apart for God and only did what God expected of him. Jesus is the perfect example of holiness and cleanliness.

But not me…

However, it’s only me who sees me that way. Jesus and God see me and you who believe in them differently: 11Since the one who saves and those who are saved have a common origin, Jesus does not hesitate to treat them as family…

For Jesus, we are like him. He sees us as his sisters and brothers. Because we have the same Father, Jesus sees us as blood relatives. And it was his blood on the cross that made this family bond possible.

I am beginning to understand this. I suspect that I, or maybe my older brother, was the most mischievous in our family. The two of us often got into trouble and the cane had to be changed regularly.

But nothing my brother or I did could make us not part of our family. My sister could never say, no, I’m too embarrassed by what you do, I’m not your sister anymore. Nothing I could do could take me away from my family. I remained a Van der Merwe through it all.

In the same way, there is nothing I can do in this world that can take away my heavenly family. Nobody can say that you are too much; Jesus is no longer your brother. The Bible says that nothing can snatch you out of the hand of the Father.

Incredible news!

I suspect that you and I should see ourselves through the eyes of God; see that we are holy and set apart, and maybe start trying to live like that more.

Holy Scripture
Hebrews 2:10-13

How do you see yourself?
How does God see you?
Are you living like this?

Father, I must confess that I struggle to see myself holy. Please help me see myself like this and live like this too. Thank you for my brother, Jesus, who guides me. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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