Make up campfire stories for kids

Making up campfire stories for kids is easier than you think. Use these simple tips to tell campfire stories that will entertain and delight children of all ages.

Use fun and quirky names

When you tell children campfire stories, include lots of fun and quirky names for the characters. If it’s a humorous story, don’t be afraid to use silly things as names, like Snickers or Twix. If it’s a scary story, you can use names like Mr. Blue Toes or Mrs. Scissorarms. Also, don’t be afraid to mix it up by telling a really scary story and using a funny name. How to use Mr. Marshmallow for a villain’s name. Another fun way to handle this is to have the kids make up the names and then build the story around that.

Include animal characters

Campfire stories are often better when they include animals, especially ones that can be found in the woods. Animal ideas to include are bears, cougars, deer, and squirrels. A fun twist on this is to make the bears friendly and the squirrels or deer the most aggressive. Just have fun and be creative.

Take turns

No one says that a campfire story has to be told by one person from start to finish. Take turns. Each person tells a part of the story and the next takes over. This will often result in unexpected twists and turns and induce laughter.

act it out

Using charades to tell stories to children can be a lot of fun. Act out certain parts of the story or certain words. For example, if you are telling a story about a bear, you can act out what the bear is doing during those parts. If the bear hides, then you can hide, if it comes close to something, you can tiptoe around the fire.

change your voice

Don’t use a monotone when telling campfire stories to children. This will make even the best stories seem boring and uninteresting. Speak in different tones and use different inflictions for each character. Alternate between whispering and speaking louder.

Using these tips will make telling campfire stories fun and exciting. But be prepared, once you start, kids can ask for more stories, until your voice hurts. Will be worth.

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