Pampered Chef – Is This Business For You?

The company

Pampered Chef was developed in 1980 by Doris Christopher; since she was previously an instructor and home economist. She was irritated by the lack of expert equipment within her private cooking area. So she decided to create and get some goods. She proceeded to produce and disperse them in the conventional approach to family parties. Pampered Chef is an international direct marketing company offering a distinctive line of kitchen tools, food products and cookbooks focused on home cooking. This Company is headquartered in Addison (in the state of Illinois) and is administered within the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, North America, and South America. Pampered Chef generally uses house parties as a viable approach to their marketing methods. This method was originally released by the Tupperware Company. With this approach, a new member will host a house party, thus inviting friends and family to the event. The event includes a demonstration of the products and/or services offered. Before the conclusion of the party, you, or perhaps the Pampered Chef specialist will take purchase requests for your merchandise.

Training and Training

Independent Pampered Chef specialists gain access to various types of training. They can choose from fun web shows, teleclasses, neighborhood teach-ins, and national activities. Through these classes, specialists receive up-to-date developments on a new product line. Specialists also have access to a regular monthly magazine, a weekly publication, along with an exclusive website for consultants. Pampered Chef merchandise gives you a comprehensive collection for your kitchen planning to serve friends and family. The organization selected personal network marketing for its supply and demand strategy. Individual specialists give home food preparation demonstrations, also known as “show cooking”. The company boasts that its specialists have presented more than a million cooking demonstrations a year, with more than twelve million consumers using its high-quality products.


The company’s manufacturer’s product line includes professional-quality kitchen area resources such as:

  1. Kitchen utensils: for example, measuring instruments and peelers.
  2. stainless steel cookware and sauce pans; plus grain cookers and serving utensils
  3. Bakeware – For sumptuous desserts, sandwiches and cakes!
  4. Gres – Premium Baking Equipment
  5. Bamboo: which includes pieces to prepare food, flip flops, containers, etc.
  6. Technologically Advanced – Professional Quality Cutting Tools A myriad of miscellaneous items are also included. items


The starting price is $155. The starter pack includes promotional materials, instructions, and a product catalog. A new sponsor can also get a “template website” to get started online. The commission rate for the sale of $750 products is 20%. If product sales exceed $4,000, the percentage increases to 25% with gradual increases for all intermediate product sales time periods. In my opinion, this company is a solid home-based business, with unique products for a wide demographic; however, I don’t think this is a “user friendly” venture for someone who has a desire to produce massive amounts of income while maintaining the day-to-day responsibilities of running a home.

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