Pool table light installation

Your pool table light needs to be hung properly to ensure full illumination of your pool playing area, including rails, cushions, and guide point arrows. The average height of your pool lamp should be 32″ to 36″ above the playing surface or the bed of your table to the bottom of your lamp shade. A general method of determining pool light height is to have the pool lamp level with the bridge of your nose. Also, when adjusting the height of your pool lamp, turn off any other lights in the room and adjust the light so there are no shadows on your table.

Instructions for hanging your pool light:

1. You need to find the center of your table’s playing area, which is the length and width of the pool table bed only, not the rails. These are the standard playing areas of pool tables:

pool table size

6′ x 3′ table has a play area of ​​L 66″ x W 33″

7′ x 3’6″ table has a play area of ​​L 78″ x W 39″

8′ x 4′ table has 88″ long x 44″ wide play area

8′ x 4′ (oversized) table has 92″ long x 46″ wide play area

9′ x 4’6″ table has a play area of ​​L 100″ x W 50″

10′ x 5′ table has a 112″ long x 56″ wide playing area

12′ x 6′ table has 124″ long x 62″ wide playing area

2. Next, place a small piece of masking tape in the center of the playing area of ​​the table. For example: If you have a 9′ x 4’6″ pool table, your playing area is L100″ x W 50″. Now take your tape measure (which should be flush against the inside top rail) and use your center diamond on the rail as a guide and measure at L 50″ and mark with a small piece of tape and measure the width which should be W25″ and that will give you the center of your tables playing area.

3. Now that you have the center of your pool table marked with a small piece of tape, hold a plumb line up from the ceiling and line it up with the center of your tables playing area and mark your ceiling when the plumb line is lined up with your pool table centerpiece You can buy a plumb line at any hardware store.

Pool table lights are quite heavy and the ceiling mounts or hooks need to be screwed into a ceiling stud. Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. If a bolt is not available, you can fasten your pool light with strong drywall fasteners, such as a toggle bolt..

4. Measure the distance from the center of the pool light to the center of the chain on both sides of the pool light and mark these measurements on the ceiling. This is where our hooks will screw into the ceiling. Re-run the plumb line to ensure the ceiling marks are aligned and centered on the pool light.

5. Pre-drill one or two holes (if a two-chain mount) in the stud(s) or drywall. Drill Bit Size Tip: A quick technique is to hold a drill bit up to the shank of the mounting screw. The proper size of bit is the same size as the shank between the threads of your mounting screw. Screw the mounting hooks securely into the pre-drilled holes.

Note: If you need to stand on the pool table base to install the light, place a piece of dense foam or thick blanket over the pool table base to protect the felt.

6. Count the chain links on both sides to make sure the pool lamp is level. Once mounted, you can adjust the height of the pool light for proper lighting of your pool table. That’s it!

TOOLS NEEDED: Ladder, tape measure, plumb bob, small hand drill, screwdriver, possibly a toggle bolt, tape, and a pencil.

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