Reflections on the penis: How many times can a man ejaculate in 24 hours?

All the men have been there at some point. The boys are sitting around enjoying a few beers when their inner 13-year-old comes out and asks, “How many times has everyone ejaculated in 24 hours?” Of course, some will be humbly honest and say maybe two or three times, and then there are the others who will act like an Olympic competition and casually say, “Oh, seven or eight times, but I slept like 10 hours that day and also I was at work, “which implies that if they had had a day off, they would be in the double digits. Of course, the teen numbers are definitely different because as a man ages, things below the belt slow down. Looking at the mechanics of ejaculation, how many times an average adult man can ejaculate in a day.

The mechanics of erection and ejaculation

It all starts with an exhilarating thought, a beautiful sight of someone walking down the street, a little friction, the touch of a lover, or, for some men, a strong breeze will do. The brain then sends a signal to the hormones that tells the arteries in the penis to open so that blood can flood the penis. Blood passes to the penis faster than it leaves it, so it becomes “trapped” in the arteries, resulting in an erection. The penis is then aroused to the point of not pulling back (men pretty sure know how that part works) and the walls of the epididymis contract to create peristaltic waves that push sperm to a place on the penis called the vas deferens. The nerves then stimulate the seminal vessels and the prostate with the forces of semen towards the urethra. The penis muscles then ejaculate the seed, the bladder muscles tighten to ensure that the semen does not flow back into the penis. Then a man enters the refractory period, where his penis becomes flaccid as signals from the brain become neutral and the endocrine system releases prolactin, which lowers testosterone, closing the erection.

So many steps, right?

So how many times can a man reach physical climax in one day?

The number of times a day a man can get his “O Face” depends solely on this refractory period. For some men, they are ready for the second round in a few minutes. For other men, it can be hours. Research shows that men in the youngest age group, think 18-25, have a refractory period of approximately 15 minutes, hence it is called “better” in a man. Now the 70s scene lasts more than 20 hours on average. Taken together, considering all age groups, the average is in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.

Let’s do the math: if a man can ejaculate twice an hour, and there are 24 hours in a day, scientifically speaking, he could climax 48 times.

However, there is no way a man wants to do it. He would be sore, irritated, inflamed, and miserable. There is a point where it will not be pleasant at all. Also, orgasm can occur without ejaculation and if no semen comes out (it will decrease with each attempt), it is technically not ejaculation.

Penis care after ejaculation

With all this talk about ejaculation, it’s wise to mention penis health and care. Face it, ejaculation is something that happens almost every day for most men, so let’s talk about what to do next. Of course, clean it by washing the penis with warm water and a mild cleanser. Be thorough, but gentle. Rinse well, making sure to introduce all the folds and creases. Air dry or, if you’re in a rush, pat dry with a fluffy towel.

Finish off this good grooming regimen with For specially formulated penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically shown to be safe and gentle on the skin) daily. Includes vitamin C and L-arginine to stimulate erections, as well as vitamins A, B, D, E and antioxidants in a nourishing shea butter base. It is a fundamental step that every man should incorporate into his daily personal care regimen.

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