Want an exercise to chisel out those obliques and learn why you should have one?

Have you ever wondered what those muscles on the sides of your torso were, or better known as those “waist muscles”? Well, those muscles are the oblique abs, and many fitness people and those just looking to get six packs of abs overlook them. Most people only consider the front of their abs and don’t take the time to exercise or even notice those oblique abs. Your obliques are just as important as your upper and lower abs, but they are a bit more difficult to strengthen and tone. However, the results of working your obliques are worth it, because you will find three things when working your obliques.

1) You will have more strength in the lateral muscles of the waist when you perform vigorous movements that require leaning from one side to the other.

2) The entire group of abdominal muscles will be toned and they will be equally strong, compared to those that only focus on exercising the front of the upper and lower abs.

3) That extra pad of fat that you find on the sides of your torso along your waist will disappear and instead you’ll have strong, chiseled obliques to show off.

Oblique crunches are probably one of the best known and easiest exercises to do to target the obliques. However, that doesn’t mean you should think less about the strengthening power of this exercise, because this exercise is still meant to tone your obliques like no other. Oblique crunches are extremely good for toning your oblique abs because they give you that rotary motion that many oblique crunches don’t. The obliques are known to many people as “waist muscles” or as the better known term “love handles”. “

With oblique abs, you are doing an additional movement that greatly increases the construction of your abdominal muscles. This extra movement you are doing is known as spinal flexion and rotation.

With this extra powerful ab-chisel rotation, your results on both the obliques and upper abs can almost double, but that depends on how much you emphasize the spinal flexion rotation.

So with this exercise you are actually targeting two separate abdominal muscles at the same time, which can save you a lot of time and get stronger and faster results.


1. Lie comfortably on your back with your whole body on the floor for now and cross your left foot over your right knee.

2. Next, you want to place both hands behind your head.

3. Focus on pressing your lower back against the ground and keeping it from lifting off the ground. While your lower back is pressing against the floor, begin to lift your shoulder blades off the floor.

4. Now, once the shoulder blades are off the ground, bend the upper body (torso) diagonally across the torso towards the left knee.

5. Next, do your best to touch your left knee with your right elbow or move as close as possible.

6. Use the strength of your abs to reach your elbow to your knee. This especially works the upper abs and obliques.

7. Go back down and touch the opposite knee with the other elbow and repeat the process.

8. Remember that when you switch sides again, don’t just exercise one side.

9. Do about 4-5 sets of 5 or 25 reps. on each side.

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